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Live Tweeting Summary Pt. 2

Frank Tremain

Week 6:Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

In week six, we watched Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the 1982 original, where K discovers a long-buried secret and tries to track down former Blade Runner, Rick Deckard. Blade Runner 2049 builds upon the original films’ themes of dystopia and future relationships between robots and humans.

Having Blade Runner 2049 be a sequel to a film we’ve previously watched, it made it easier to understand how the film connects to the subject. Specifically, Blade Runner 2049 depicts the Singularity where human intelligence and machine intelligence become merged to create something bigger than itself. While the film shows the technological advancements in human intelligence, Blade Runner 2049 also warns viewers not to neglect the environmental issues in this process. This was something I hinted towards in my tweets as I shared articles that expanded upon this idea, however, I…

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Check the Competition: Digital Artefact Beta Reviews

Frank Tremain

“There is a danger of imagining the future in terms of the present and thereby of forming a closed circuit of representation.” – Tony Myers, The Postmodern Imaginary in William Gibson’s Neuromancer (2001).

Heading into the final stages of the BCM325 Digital Artefacts, we’ve been asked to review peer’s betas and reflect on the feedback loops from students and our audiences. My digital artefact maps out my future career path as a journalist and creative within the Australian music industry. By reviewing the following DA’s and gaining insight from other students, I hope to understand the changes I need to make to my project before the final submission.

Throughout the final weeks of BCM325, we’ve explored cyber culture, cyberspace and the implications of cyborgs and artificial intelligence. While I found it hard to relate these topics back to my DA, I’ve been interested in the ways in which art such…

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Continuing to Plan

Frank Tremain

My digital artefact is for BCM325 consists of a series of blogs and videos detailing my career plan in the next 5 years, with implications to both the short and long range future.

In the beta of my BCM325 digital artefact, I analyse the ways I can improve my feedback loops and audience to help me craft a concise and well-researched 5 year career plan with implications to the short and long range future.

Paying close to the responsibilities of futurists and trends in the future of the Australian music industry, I’m planning to focus on building a large DA audience so that I can create more public feedback loops.

With one episode left, I intend to investigate the changing nature of the music industry and digital journalism to help me understand what role I can play.

Frank Tremain.

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Check the Competition: Digital Artefact Pitch Reviews

Frank Tremain

“The past is not a guide to the future.” – Wendell Bell, Foundations of Future Studies (1997).

By studying BCM325, I have learnt that having a notion of what the future holds is entirely different to understanding future thinking. My digital artefact (DA) aims to take inspiration from the careers of music journalists of the past, however, Bell’s way of thinking has motivated me to think and plan ambitiously, both when crafting my DA and providing my peers with feedback.

Throughout the weeks of this subject, we have been identifying the future ideologies, technologies and trends explored in science fiction films. Despite seeing rogue AI’s, flying cars and space expeditions, I feel as though my DA is far more grounded in its sensibility. As Alfred North Whitehead said, “almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced.” With that said, I’m looking forward to…

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