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As I had introduced in the PITCH and the BETA presentation, my DA project is a website whose various articles challenge the future of women’s sexuality in regard to the emerging technology, sex robot, 20 to 25 years from now.

DA project link:

First of all, every Friday afternoon for my Canadian audience and every Saturday morning for my Australian audience I had published different articles on my website. Each text proposed, in turn, information and data that either provides leads on how to challenge the future of women’s sexuality in regard to sex robots 20 to 25 years from now or simply directly challenge the very future of women’s sexuality in regard to sex robots20 to 25 years from now. Indeed, it was important for me to put forward elements from the past and the present in order to follow closely the futurists’ job, that…

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If we look at my previous article Live Tweeting Reflection it is possible to notice that I had listed some elements that I wanted to improve for my next live-tweeting sessions in order to increase my engagement rate on my twitter account, as well as the link between the content of my tweets and the theoretical concepts seen in class. Indeed, the main aspects I wanted to change were:

  1. Revisit the preparation of my tweets before publishing them during the live-tweeting session, while paying attention to the validity and the reliability of my articles.
  2. Give more importance to the theoretical concepts seen in class through the writing of my tweets.
  3. Issue a new tone to my tweets that is more prominently challenging the future.
  4. Listen more carefully to the movie while live tweeting.

I issued my first change through the direction of my pre-screening preparation. Indeed, now the first step…

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Given the progress that we have each made in our DA project, I decided to take a new angle while writing my comments; by asking questions that could direct the rest of their DA projects! Indeed, for all three of my responses, I put forward interrogations that could be interesting to address depending on the framework in which they wanted to challenge the future. In addition, I attached to these questions several articles and theoretical concepts seen in class that could be useful to answer these. Finally, I also proposed to all my peers to not to be shy to promote their DA project on their personal social platforms in order to get more engagement given the little feedback they received so far.

First of all, I commented on Taylor’s BETA presentation. I find that my contribution in a DA project like Taylor’s was very relevant given that we both…

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Even if I have created plenty of content through the publication of four online articles for my DA project, it didn’t generate a lot of feedback on my website. In fact, I think this subject might be too of a precursor to some women, where the symbolism of sex robots and sexuality are still currently somehow taboo. Indeed, most of the young women that’ve discussed with on this topic, wrote to me in private messages as a sign of shyness and older ones were always turning this subject into a joke as we were discussing it. Through these responses, I’ve decided to redact in a tone and challenge the future from 20–25 years for now to reach and address mostly a feminine and young audience, which is the one that answered back the most and showed interest and curiousness towards my DA project. However, this feedback from either younger or…

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When I’m about to participate in a live-tweeting session, here’s my preparation:

First, I take the time to go through Wikipedia for basic information: the producer, the director, screenplay writers, the actors, the production company, the budget and the amount of money the film did at the Box Office. I will then explore in greater depth, through the Britannica site, the biographies of the director, the producer and screenplay writers. It is, indeed, possible to gather information on the film production through them. Then, I explore critique sites, either newspapers at the time when the film was released or opinion blogs. However, I try to avoid opinion blogs, because the quality and wording of the arguments are less rich than those put forward by journalists. In addition, I browse through scientific articles to link an aspect of the film to a contemporary reality. Finally, I collect all the information and…

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Since the beginning of the session, I have been doubling my efforts to reach the standards I set for myself when I completed the BCM325 questionnaire. I received a very satisfactory mark for my DA pitch, but still, I wish to stand out even more in my future projects and assessments for the Future Culture course. I must admit that I have been extremely slowed down by the current situation of COVID-19, where I have spent an enormous amount of time having to discuss with the embassies, University of Wollongong and my home university in Canada to determine what would be the best option for me in this pandemic situation. So here I am at home at last, and ready to go on with the rest of the semester.

As I was writing my comments on others’ projects, I realized that by analyzing each of these projects in depth, I…

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“During the 1970 and 1980s, a powerful but nearly culturally invisible technology was transforming women’s sexuality, helping many women experience sexual freedom and independence for the first time. Most women used it in secret, stashing it away in their bedside tables and medicine cabinets.” (Lieberman, 2016).

For this DA project, I want to explore the future of sex toys, sex robots. Indeed, I will draw my assessment from a previous year student topic “robotics of sex” while giving this feminist angle to it. I’ll be investigating this subject and reaching my audience through the publication of various articles that will tackle the future of women’s sexuality on a website platform. I will dig deeper about the link that connects BCM325 subject lectures and my topic, when the theory of the week nine (Cyberculture: (Cyborgs, Androids and Robots), eleven (Artifical Intelligence: Revolutions and Predictions) and twelve…

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