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Reflections on Beta Comments and Engagement

Nicole Gentle

The following blog post consists of my reflections on the comments which I posted on my peers’ beta presentation posts for BCM325.

BETA ONE: creAtIve

Liam’s beta pitch for creAtIve was very well thought out and presented what his digital artefact is going to be in a concise manner. He presents this artefact as a Twitter account intended to explore the ideas surrounding artificial intelligence and its integration within the creative arts industry. Additionally, he intends to look specifically at the AI technology through three different periodical lenses: the near future, the future, and the distant future.

As some feedback, I chose to ask about how he was going to undertake his tweets. I focused mainly on the tweets based around the future and the distant future. I did this because the first period seems to be the most article based with solid roots within current technologies and their perceived…

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Live-Tweeting Reflections Part II

Nicole Gentle

From weeks eight to twelve, my tweet contribution varied in quality. My more successful interactions involved sharing outside resources to my peers or simple observations of the film which brought to question some of the issues presented by the movies watched. During these weeks I also attempted to interact more readily with my peers’ tweets, however I found myself mostly liking their tweets rather than interacting with the ideas through conversation.

Week Eight: iRobot (2004)

My tweet contribution for week eight wasn’t as strong as I would have liked it to be. The small number of tweets that I did post mainly focused on iRobot‘s relatability to our current society. For this week, I should have also focused more on other futuristic aspects and participated more readily with conversations happening through my peer’s tweets.

BCM325 Tweet 8.png

Week Nine: Robot and Frank (2012)

During week nine, I greatly improved upon my contribution…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Beta: Our Future in Stories

Nicole Gentle

Since the pitch, I’ve been working on figuring out ways to enhance my digital artefact in terms of both content and audience interactions. Currently, I’ve posted some narratives to collect viewership data alongside additions such as Google Survey, which will be utilized to help reiterate my blog in the future.

Additionally, I have come across problems which, with help from pitch feedback and comments on social media, will allow me to alter the function of the blog so that it provides the information that I am trying to portray. Further, this will hopefully allow the reader to participate in discussion more readily.

Below is my more detailed project beta.

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Live-Tweeting: A Self-Reflection

Nicole Gentle

Through weeks one to six, I experimented with a range of different tweeting methods and found that the most successful ones engaged with the text while engaging with my peer-group. Further, tweets which stemmed from conceptual analysis of the film were the most efficient method for engaging with my peers.

Week One: Metropolis (1927)

For week one, I experimented more with memes and general observations of the film as my tweet contribution. For this week, the tweet which received the most engagement from my peers and I interacted with the most, consisted of a general observation surrounding the body language and depiction of protagonist, Maria. Overall, for this week, I feel like my contribution to the hashtag and surrounding discussion wasn’t as strong as it could have been, however, due to the challenging nature of the duality of live-tweeting while watching a silent film, I feel like my contribution was overall…

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Reflections on Pitch Comments and Engagement

Nicole Gentle

For BCM325, we were asked to upload an online pitch which explained what we intended to do for our digital artefacts. Below I have written my reflections on the three comments which I left on my peer’s pitches and further why I chose to suggest the ideas I left within those comments.

PITCH ONE: Designer Babies

This first pitch was really well thought out in terms of direction it was headed and content which it will deal with. Ciara’s focus on the ethics surrounding the genetic alteration of embryos to either remove disability or simply unwanted characteristics in humans is incredibly interesting. And, given that her podcast is recorded and deals with this matter in a respectful and thoughtful manner, I believe that her artefact could really enhance societal understanding of the topic and bring awareness to the ethical and physical issues relating.

In my comment, I chose to focus…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch: Our Stories

The video:

Nicole Gentle

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact, I plan to start a fictional blog (working title: Our Stories) which uses narrative to convey the deeper ecological and personal effects that society has on both the world and on each other. Through this blog, I will be combining both of my majors to produce a product which hopefully speaks to the readers imagination and critical-thinking abilities. Hopefully, by portraying our effect on our environment through a creative medium, this blog will create a further discussion and awareness about our involvement with, and ability to influence, our futures. See the video below for further details on my Digital Artefact:

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