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BCM325 Digital Artefact | Contextual Report

Georgie O'Brien

My digital artefact (DA) for BCM325 saw me not only learn to crochet, but also learn how to look after my mental health. I focused my futures studies on researching the effects crocheting has on one’s mental wellbeing. Through the utilisation of both TikToks and Instagram Reels, I documented the creation of my mood blanket, as explained in my pitch. Additionally, I created a two-part Youtube series expanding on my research and considering the short-term future of crafts such as crochet as a tool for preventing mental health decline in young people.

Part One:

Part Two:

Subject Relevance

Addressing the BCM325 Future Cultures challenge, my DA explored the possible, probable and preferable future of crochet as a preventative tool for mental health decline within the next 12 months.

Wendell Bell’s 9 major purposes of futures studies is referenced throughout my DA, exploring the possible future of mental…

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Twitter Tutorials Take Two

Georgie O'Brien

It appears we have finally reached the end of our live-tweeting tutorials for BCM325. That’s ten weeks of film analyses, critical evaluations, philosophical conversations and way too many spelling mistakes (Twitter: please allow us to edit tweets).

Week 6: Robot and Frank (2012)

A more uplifting story compared to films watched in previous weeks, “Robot and Frank” depicted a more realistic and positive future where robots can be purchased as assisted living devices for the elderly.

This viewing brought up important discussions about the depiction of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots within traditional media. We are typically shown ultra dystopian futures where AI has essentially taken over the world, with humans living in a mostly, if not…

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Tutorials in the Twittersphere – Live Tweeting Reflection

Georgie O'Brien

To any other university student, the idea of watching sci-fi films and tweeting during tutorials sounds completely absurd. For BCM students however, this is our reality. BCM325 introduced the challenging task of live-tweeting during screenings of various futurist films. This is intended to build our skills in real-time discussion, expand on our understanding of key concepts and critically evaluate the text in question. Here’s how that’s been going for me.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Week 1 saw us watch 2001: A Space Odyssey. As my first experience of live-tweeting, I struggled to split my attention between watching the film, composing my own tweets, and engaging in discussions with others.

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Coming In Hot With A Fresh Batch Of Comments

Georgie O'Brien

What makes feedback valuable? Engaging with my peers’ digital artefacts and providing them with constructive feedback is a skill we have been developing through the BCM subjects, so providing each student with more than just a “great job!” is something I’ve been trying to improve on. Let’s take a look at the digital artefact pitches I commented on for BCM325:

Pia: ‘Fashion Forward – Future Fashion Trends’

Pia is exploring the future of fashion trends in the next 10 to 50 years through developing her own fashion TikTok account ‘Fashion Forward’. She will be documenting her findings through a blog mini series.

Samantha: ‘Future of Bookstagram’

Having already established a bookstagram, Samantha is going to be investigating the future of such an oversaturated niche and exploring other tools on Instagram such as Reels. She will utilise her blog to further discuss these topics.

Amelia: ‘Let’s Talk About ADHD on Instagram’

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It’s Pitch Time

Georgie O'Brien

Watch me first:

My digital artefact for BCM325 will consider the short-term future of crochet as a tool for improving my mental wellbeing. I have implemented the FIST principle in order to create a final project that is fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny.

Fast – At the core of my project, I will be constructing a mood blanket of which I will be working on each day. Crocheting a little bit each day makes my physical process fast. In addition, the content I plan on producing across TikTok and Instagram will also be efficient to make. My WordPress blogs will be published quickly thanks to the ease of collecting data from my multiple platforms.

Inexpensive – All social media websites I will be using are free to operate on, and since I have crocheted in the past, I already have all the supplies needed meaning there are no extra costs…

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