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The future of content creation is a very relevant topic. In the past couple of years the rise of short-form videos have increased. These videos are posted video sharing websites such as YouTube, but also various video sharing apps have started making its way onto the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Apps such as Vine and have been very popular apps for users to create short-form video content that is able to be shared. While those apps no longer exist, TikTok has taken over and become the new way for people to create and post short videos to an audience.

The TikTok account ‘georgieroxursox‘ which I have been using as my DA for the BCM325 was created to further analyse online content creating by putting myself in the position to create content myself. The concept was to become familiar with TikTok and…

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This blog post will contain a reflection on the comments that I have made on three of my classmates digital artefact beta presentations. This being the second time I have had to provide feedback comments to I had much more confidence in how I can leave critical yet constructive comments. These comments were constructive in both it’s overall DA concept and the delivery of its DA beta presentation.

Lachy – Fashion and AI

Lachy’s presentation was an update for his DA which would be able AI being used in the Fashion Industry. In his blog post he included screenshots of the research he has already conducted and he stated in his video he posted these on his own personal Instagram. I began by stating this was a clever move in order to generate feedback straight away. He stated he has changed his delivery of his final DA submission from what…

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Week 8 – I, Robot (2004)

Following the feedback I received regarding my tweets in part 1, I had a clear understanding of what I needed to focus on in order to (hopefully) get higher marks with the submission of my part 2 blog posts. I made sure to complete some initial at-home research and pre-make tweets to help me focus more on watching the movie rather than spend time researching about the movie. The tweets I had posted didn’t receive much engagement. My most popular tweet was me jokingly stating me searching for photos of ‘i robot’ gave me photos of robot vacuums. This tweet led to a quick conversation with Emily (@emilykoletti) and Olivia (@liv_burt) joking about robot vacuums.

Week 9 – Robot and Frank (2012)

Robot and Frank was one of my personal favourite films in BCM325. It had a very clear plot and was very different…

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Hi there,

This blog post will be a follow up ‘update’ to my previous blog post. If you would like to read that blog post it will be linked here.

Since furthering my research with the use of academic journals and conducting my own research through conversations with friends, family, users of TikTok as well as the app TikTok itself; I have been able to present a functioning and publicly available prototype which is able to generate constant feedback.

While my initial pitch idea has not changed significantly, I have made several small changes throughout the course of making my project public in order to narrow down and focus more on particular aspects of my study of research. The video below will further discuss the aspects of my functioning prototype and the changes and iterations it has gone through at this current stage of time.

– Alexander, J…

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This blog post will be a reflection and collection of my constructive feedback which was posted on three students’ BCM325 Future Cultures Digital Artefact Pitch. The feedback aimed to point out the positive, neutral and negative aspects I personally found within their DA pitch and would aid in the progression of their chosen DA idea.

Podcast on The Future by Emily Grujevski
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Emily plans to create a podcast/videos that will focus on a different topic discussing her predictions on the future focusing on AI, gene modification, society and planets. She plans to do research on academic sources and news articles prior to recording.

In Emily’s pitch she spoke about using her WordPress and Twitter to promote her content to which I recommended using Reddit and the forums within Reddit to gain a more consistent and interested audience which would generate discussion which will support her…

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Week One – Metropolis (Lang, 1927)
The very first week I was excited to get back in the swing of things and all things Twitter. This would be my very first time in live-tweeting and I seemed to struggle a whole lot. I wasn’t sure of what I needed to tweet about and thought looking up facts and posting about that would be a good starting point. Researching, following with the movie as well as tweeting became very difficult through the movie as the movie was ‘silent film’ I needed to pay full attention to attempt to comprehend what was going on. I shared my struggle in keeping up with the tweeting and the movie and Ijumaa responded with ‘Most relatable post’. This made me aware that other students may have been struggling with the live-tweeting and silent film. I noticed that my memes with photos of the film seemed…

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TikTok is widely known for being a social media video creating app marketed towards children and pre-teens but is used amongst people of all ages. As of July 2018 the app has over 500 million active monthly users (Iqubal, 2019).

The app comes fully equiped with all the resources you need to explore your creative process. These resources include filters, special effects and lenses (Medium, 2018).

I have noticed a trend in content being much shorter in length which goes back to similar apps such as Vine and Is there a reason short-form videos are becoming so popular amongst this generation?

– Iqbal, M. (2019).TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019). [online] Business of Apps. Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2019].
– Medium. (2018). How cutting-edge AI is making China’s TikTok the talk of town. [online] Available at: [Accessed…

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