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Je m'appelle Jiafeng. Je suis Chinoise. J'ai vingt quatre ans. J' habite a Wollongong.

AI and Interpreting-A DA and Contextual Essay

Jiafeng Guo

Please find my DA here.

Project’s concept: My DA focused on the the relationship between AI and human interpreters. With the rise of machines, can human still make a living? When it comes to the occupations like translator and interpreter, what are the advances AI have made and what are the challenges with the fact that there are subtle differences among different languages. In the short, medium and long term, what kind of role machine will play in this relationship?

Iteration: At first, I didn’t figure out what DA I really want to demonstrate in my first video pitch until I got the feedback from Callum Harvey and Alexander Mastronardi. Callum suggested me to do some research on ‘whether AI would replace human interpreters ‘ while Alexander gave me a clue that I can focus on ‘how current interpreters are already using emerging technology’. So I did…

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Beta Presentation-revised

This is a revised beta presentation of my former one. Some unclear parts are clearer hopefully.

Jiafeng Guo

My DA is going to address the future cultures challenge with regard to the future of interpreting. With the development of technology, more and more people believe that we don’t need any human interpreters in the future. So my responsibility is to do some research and draw an objective conclusion. The feedback I’ve received from previous have been taken into consideration which made me focus on specific aspects of the impact of AI on interpreting.

The method I’m going to take is creating a website on the topic of the future of interpreting. The social utility of this topic is to arouse people’s awareness on the important role interpreters play in the international arena and make them ponder about prospects of language barriers.

Then the researches I’ve done in this area are including two parts: First, from the perspective of some official organizations such as the United Nations, how do…

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My Live Tweeting Experience in #BCM325 Future Cultures part two

Jiafeng Guo

From week 8 to 12, I was more used to live tweeting the film each week, and it is indeed a great example of presentational media. All in all, I harvested a lot from this experience, but there are still things I need improving. The following parts can best express my advantages and disadvantages during the whole process.

First of all, the preparation work I did proved to be very helpful. Different from the first six weeks focusing too much on the plot of each film, this time I spent time doing some work beforehand including background information searching, tweets prewriting, weekly lectures watching etc. The seemingly unconspicuous work let me have more time to interact with my fellow students in tweeting, consider some in-depth questions, and absorb knowledge in a broader scale. Furthermore, by trying to jump out, I found it interesting to sum up the whole process of…

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Critical self-review of Beta presentation commenting.

Jiafeng Guo

Beta presentation 1

is from Emily Koletti. It is about the evidence of ‘black mirror’ theories predict things precisely. Emily did a great job on explaining what #BCM325 is about, what is DA, what is Black Mirror, how she make progress after receiving feedback from her peers, which are really helpful for someone unfamiliar with black mirror like me. I found the structure of her presentation very clear and realized I can learn from her. And I’m also impressed that Emily joined a Black Mirror Community to gain deeper and further understanding of theories so that she can input others opinions and output her own ideas in a better way.

As for the suggestions, since black mirror talks about the unanticipated consequences of technology to humanity, I found it interesting that there are some different voices against the idea of black mirror, believing it emphasized too much on dark side…

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#BCM325 Beta Presentation

Sorry for the delaying of this beta presentation. I’m sure there must be some limitations, please feel free to give suggestions.

Jiafeng Guo

In this beta presentation, the future of translation in the short, medium and long term will be discussed. In April 2006, Google launched a translation service based on the Statistical Machine Translation(SMT) and then switched to a neural machine translation(NMT) system in November 2016. In the short-term, this technology can become more mature with higher accuracy.

In the medium-term, NMT technology can make much more progress in dealing with translation issues. It will work more like a sophisticated human translator or interpreter. However, how can people cope with the problem of putting this technology into practice with easier access and lower cost? Can other explorations like “universal translator” “babel fish” and “iflytek” better address this issue?

In the long-term, I am optimistic about there is no language barrier anymore. By implanting a chip, you can talk to anyone in the world freely. Nevertheless, when it comes to literature translation, there…

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My Live Tweeting Experience in #BCM325 Future Cultures part one

Jiafeng Guo

For this live tweeting experience, I’d like to share three points, my ponder about this way of teaching, my problems, and my reflections.

This tweet was almost the first tweet I sent on the first class. It’s very kind of Brooke to answer my stupid questions patiently. Actually when I looked through my 6 weeks tweets, there are lots of stupid questions like that, but what surprised me is the lecturer and my fellow students didn’t laugh at me. I felt gratitude for the peer assistance appeared in the live tweeting. Everyone is busy watching, tweeting, researching, but some of them are willing to help others understand the plot and answer some questions. I can recall in ‘A Space Odyssey’, the Blue Danute was played many times. I felt familiar about the tune but cannot remember the name. then I saw someone’s tweets with the name of this tune. I…

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Critical self-review of pitch commenting.

Jiafeng Guo

Pitch 1

is from Mary-Lou, it is about parents being able to choose the gender of their child, and I suggested her to watch a recent news about information leak in China.

‘In China, there is a shortage of women, so an organization started to build a database to start registering over 1.8 million women with all kinds of details like phone numbers, addresses, education, location, ID number, marital status, and a ‘BreedReady’ status. ‘

I shared with her my feelings after seeing this news as a Chinese because Mary mentioned about the gender preference in China. I thought this news can make her and myself ponder this issue a lot. The past has been impacting now, and what should we do to influence our future on this area?

Furthermore, Mary also talked about the positive and negative impacts on this topic. So I suggested her to watch the novel…

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DA pitch on interpreting

Jiafeng Guo

  • This video pitch mainly talks about the history, present and future of interpreting.
  • We can find the necessity of interpreting work from the Towel of Babel in western world to Buddhist Scripture translation in ancient China.
  • In modern times, simultaneous interpretation devices firstly used in Nuremberg Trial for communication in such four languages as English, French, German and Russian.
  • In the future, do we still need people to interpret for us? With the development of Artificial Intelligence, machine can break the language barriers in the next 10 to 20 years. Machine translation can also have high matching accuracy. Maybe we only need a chip to realize dozens of language interpreting in the future.

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