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Twitter tales


Throughout the latter half of the session, live tweeting helped me engage in thinking about the ‘future and the tension between the representation of the future and its reality. I was able to engage more with the lecture material in comparison to the first half of the semester where I was reflecting upon the movies without a deeper understanding of the lectures. Dr. Chris helped by showing the class quality tweets that help engage in a deeper understanding of what is reality and virtual reality – upon closer inspection I was able to embody that same energy in my tweets.

It is clear that reality lies within real life and the online community. Whether we like it or not our online ‘self’ is just as important as the person that we are in real life. This class has taught me that cyberspace is considered a reality and that we are…

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Twitter talk


In BCM325 Future cultures – a variety of concepts and theories are taught about the future of technology and its impact on humanity. We explore the implications of our past actions in correlation with what’s to come. It builds upon our knowledge of the internet and pop culture by “examining the tensions between the representation and the realities of digital cultures”.

The screening of prominent films in combination with live tweeting has allowed us to gain a critical lens. These movies serve as a warning against the rise and uncontrolled nature that technology may harness ultimately proving to be harmful to humanity or disrupting / redefining the natural order.

The focus on engagement and interactions of our live tweets enabled me to not only multitask but consider the viewpoints of my fellow peers. It has allowed me to form discussions and navigate my way through my opinions with references and…

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Evaluation, Evolution


Feedback is a curtail element in revising and reviewing your work. It allows you to continually reiterate and amend your work this function serves to broaden your horizon and continuously modify your craft to improve upon it. Receiving and providing feedback on my fellow peers work has allowed to me to express and reflect upon what I’ve learnt and what needs to be adjusted.

My digital artifact looks into the nature of gift delivery services and the limited variety available to men. Reflecting upon its growth throughout covid and its potential thereafter for the future. This has also been encompassed through the rise of social media specifically tiktok and Instagram where it is easy to search up an locate gifting services. Feedback from my fellow peers has allowed me to reflect on what I need to focus on and improve, this engagement has proven to provide some great insight and…

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Do men like flowers?


There are two main elements that contribute to a successful outlook for the future. These two elements include a plan/ timeline and the understanding of past patterns. The gifting industry has predominantly been a female-dominated industry (by women for women). The gifts range from flowers to makeup to grazing boards to hampers and so on whilst men are notoriously left with aftershave and cologne, this chasm between the endless variety women have and the lack of excitement around male gifting has created a market worth delving further into.

The emergence of social media and increased gifting delivery services during the pandemic has changed the way in which we connect with one another. “That context is not just about the social bond between the gifter and recipient, for example how much one cares about the gift recipient or how the gifter feels about the relationship. The gifter’s self-worth is tied up…

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