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The global pandemic forced businesses around the world to shut their doors and adapt to new circumstances. The vision behind my DA was to create a platform where small businesses in the Illawarra can promote their business, while simultaneously helping consumers easily find and support local businesses. My DA aims to support the future of small businesses in the Illawarra.


In my Pitch I outlined a rough timeline of my expectations for my DA. I reviewed this timeline and implemented feedback from Chris and my peers for my Beta to make necessary changes to reflect the new vision of my DA. I was constantly iterating my timeline to reflect what was and wasn’t working.

  1. I created an Instagram page (@open_illawarrabusinesses) and shared it to a number of local Facebook groups including UOW Buy and Sell where I generated a lot of interest…

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As the semester comes to an end so does the weekly live-tweeting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past semester in #BCM325 and am grateful it’s given me the opportunity to watch many films I wouldn’t normally watch, learn topics I had little knowledge about, and introduced me to classic movie references I previously didn’t understand.

In my first tweet reflection I concluded I wanted to do better on some things for my second reflection:

  1. Reference more to lecture content.I believe my downfall with this is not making thorough enough notes when I watch the lectures. This will be a big goal of mine to assure I can link content material and films. This will provide more valuable interaction and conversation with my peers.
  2. Engage with my peers moreand participate in conversation.As I focus on watching the movie and live-tweeting my own thoughts, interacting with my peers often falls…

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My DA has had some serious changes since my pitch. My DA is operational only on Instagram at this point and is called @open_illawarrabusinesses. I started the account on 27 March and in just over a month have made 35 Instagram posts and over 70 Instagram stories. I aim to post at least one story each day and engage with my audience at least once every two days. 

I expressed my idea on Twitter, followed by setting up the Instagram page and posting on numerous Facebook groups, such as UOW Buy n Sell and Illawarra Small Businesses, to inform people of the account. I asked people to comment or message me about small businesses still operating and I compiled this list into an ongoing spreadsheet.

Within the first week I spent numerous hours a day creating Instagram posts on Canva. I also used the app ‘Over’ to create Instagram stories…

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Before BCM325, live-tweeting was an activity I had previously been acquainted with. In addition to my (kinda shameful) Married at First Sight tweets, I previously experienced live-tweeting in BCM300, so when we started our live-tweeting sessions in week 1 I was fairly familiar with the process.

One thing I will continue to struggle with is multi-tasking. Watching (and analysing) the film, reading articles, finding information, tweeting, reading tweets and replying to tweets can all get a bit confusing and hard to stay on top of. Throw in working from home and the distractions of snacks and roommates it can become quite challenging. As I realised doing multiple tasks at once took away from the experience I altered my way of tackling things to help alleviate some of the challenging aspects.

The first week I took the ‘wing it’ approach. Viewing the lectures beforehand, but doing minimal to no research about…

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Reviewing and critiquing my peer’s pitches was an experience I found more valuable than first anticipated. Each pitch provided unique insights into aspects of the future that I hadn’t considered before. Completing this task helped me re-think my own DA and has even provided me with prompts I previously hadn’t considered.


My first comment was on Tahlia’s pitch about the future of content creation, with a focus on TikTok. She noted in her pitch she was tossing up between two ideas, but since then has chosen to stick with the TikTok idea. She rose some strong points about how newer forms of content creation differs from other platforms, and content is becoming increasingly shorter.

Tahlia mentioned “figuring out how to watch this trend and create an artefact out of it was my biggest bump in deciding what to pick for my DA this semester.” So I suggested…

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I’ve always had an interest in how businesses use social media to market themselves. Strong businesses utilise social media effectively, ultimately giving them a competitive edge and gaining the trust of consumers. A great example of a business using social media well is Milky Lane – who have primarily used social media to market themselves.

Earlier this year I created my own social media business after a few people had expressed interest. I’ve had multiple jobs and internships in the social media industry that has allowed me to develop the skills and knowledge needed to slowly start my own business. The BCM3 will allow me the time and resources to give my business the jumpstart it needs.

With the threat of COVID-19 on small businesses the near future is unknown. Each day new information is released for businesses to follow forcing may to reduce staff and shutdown. I want to help the future of these businesses through social media marketing and guidance through these times.


Since social media marketing is most likely not a priority for small businesses during this pandemic and most businesses would not have the budget to hire a full time social media manager I will offer basic social media services for free or at a reduced rate. This will also help me get more experience along with gaining testimonials and references for the future.


I want to act ASAP as things are quickly changing.

Week 1-2:

  • Finish setting up and optimising my website
  • Establishing an online presence and create a basic content calendar to plan my social media posts
  • Update my packages and plans to fit COVID-19
  • Get feedback from friends, family and industry professionals. 

Week 3-6:

  • Start reaching out to small businesses via local Facebook groups, emails and paid social media ads.
  • Connect with community online noticeboards
  • Closely follow the guidelines of the government.


  • Follow the guidelines
  • Continue to establish an online presence and optimise my website
  • Re-assess my DA and make any changes as necessary.