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contextual report | thr art of animation

My Digital Artefact looked at the art of animation. My blog series took a look at past and present techniques and how they will shape the future of animation. The lecture content and weekly viewings heavily inspired me to look into the world animation and the worlds it can create.

Imagination provides an important relay between sense, impressions and reason”.

(Spencer, B. 2019)

Imagination, a key term when it comes to animation art and the production of animated film. And the idea that art is crucial to rethinking the concepts of the imagination, tied in perfectly to the make believe worlds animation can create, it makes out present strange in order for us to see it in a new way. Science Fiction (SF) is a genre that draws imagery from many metaphors and models of the technological world we live in today as well as bring forth ideas of technology yet to come. It’s a genre that, in the film world, drawn in many animation techniques to bring the advanced tech of SF and its fantastical world to our “real” life.

In my DA I made predictions on where I saw the industry going. Though against Dators’ “rules” because of the uncertainly of knowledge. I used Moore’s law. “Some predictions, are actually observations”, based on what I research on modern day technologies, programs and methods within the animation space I assumed what would happen in the future of the field.

Thought AI is yet to take over in the animation and film world. It does play a big part. The computer generated animation has been put in layman’s terms, and allows a larger group of artist to have access to the skill. Thought we don’t see a fully functioning droid in front of us drawing a picture, the subject made me understand how A.I. is in reality, compared to how it’s portrayed in film. Like predictions need to be exact in order to help us understand how technological change, A.I. is the algorithm in the computer systems we use that have the ability to assist with tasks such as CGI. I mentioned this in my blog posts along with links ot different sources that go into the programs used by Pixar. With increasing experimenting in the digital animation space, inspiration comes from everywhere in ever aspect of our world because animation has the potential to tell so many stories the live-action/real world cannot fathom.

While researching sepraetly for my DA I always had cyberspace in the back of my mine. The direct link is the use of CGI to create cyberspace into a Virtual Reality for us to behold and fully actualise. Cyberspace is “a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation” And thought active and present in the cyberspace, it is the assistance of animation that bring it to “life”. This helped shaped my understanding the different of “real” and “tangible”.

Luckily my chosen topic had many link to the BCM325 content, and also inspiration from the films, particularly Ready Player One, Alita: Battle Angel and Ghost in the Shell. What the lecture topics most helped me with was understanding and breaking my pre-notions of the “make believe” worlds we assume are unreachable. It make me humanise these worlds even further. Which helped shape my mindset for creating and producing my Digital Artefact.

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summary essay | hannah kairuz

During this semester the progression of my Digital Artefact did not go to planned. I changed my original idea two weeks after pitching my first Digital Artefact idea, to my new Digital Artefact, “The Art of Animation”. and thought changing my Digital Artefact made me more driven, I know I didn’t achieve what I intended to achieve, and this summary will also provide a critical analysis of my work. The body of work I produced for Future Cultures, and the self-driving it took to get to the completion of the project is something I am proud of, nonetheless.

My original Digital Artefact (DA) idea focused on “The Future of Me” and was going to act as a reflective investigation into my future, and what it meant for me to create plans in thinking about my life 5 years into the future. And thought this idea did meet the criteria of the subject, I couldn’t find the drive to push myself to continue the research. My original idea was going to be on multiple platforms and be more accessible online. But along with the existential crisis the research made me feel, I just couldn’t continue to blog about and vlog about myself for my original plan of at least six blogs and 3 video blogs. And thought in theory the idea sounded up to the task of the DA, the scope was just too great a workload for me to handle. I did begin the project by taking the advice my peers, and tutor gave me, and investigated five-year plans and the “science of planning”. And following the model of FEFO (fail early fail often) the idea failed early and never made it to its first blog post.

The new DA has assisted me into my graphic design work and helped me look deeper into a field of work I admire. If I had to re-pitch ‘The Art of Animation’ I would say the project investigates the past and how it’s shaped the future of animation and the trajectory and scope of the artform. Before beginning my new DA, I took the same steps I did with the original, pretending in a way I did have to do a Pitch. I planned for what the future of animation would look like in five year’s time, when (if I choose to pursue it) would be in the industry myself. I landing on creating three blog posts that explored the past, present and future of animation along with a concluding video essay. I choose this topic because I was working on animation for the first time in my life as an artist. I’ve always appreciated animation but never knew the different processes it entail, and the history that has shaped the presence and the future possibilities of animation.

Blog 1: I addressed the history of animation and different inventions that have shaped the way we animate today. In addition, a few techniques that have been replicated to computer-animation from traditional handmade techniques. I considered I set myself well with this first post, and it felt like I had a clear trajectory in mind. But in the research, I failed to even mention that I was looking into the future of animation in the span of five-years. And that’s where I must have set myself up for a bit unsuccessfully when I failed to mention which window of the future I was looking in.

Blog 2: In this blog I wanted to address the changes made to animation in the current and near-future using examples of CGI and mix medium animation like in Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. I re-reading this blog I feel I got lost in wanted to talk about all the interesting things about animation in CGI films to the point of not even addressing the future.

Blog 3: I did an overall recap on the previous blogs. As well as looking more into animation in the game industry. I feel if I separated the genres of animation more instead of touching on various points, I could’ve covered more thoroughly. As well as leaving myself room to address the future of those areas and spaces of animation.

Video Essay: In my video essay I summarised the blog series and brought it to an overall conclusion. I liked this part the most out of my DA for the fact it gave me to show the animation in motion, without just clipping a YouTube video to my blog. It allowed me to provide commentary while a clip played. The only problem is if I did multiple video essay, it would have been time consuming and overwhelming. Thought it would’ve been beneficial to my DA. But I am glad I got to include at least one to my project.

The passion for my new DA allowed me to pump out the content the project and assessment needed, but I know I missed the brief. My project only addressed the future, as a whole. Nowhere in my project did I mention if I was referring to the future in 5, 10 or 20 years. I believe my project does have social utility, particularly as a Visual Communications student, who knew there are currently other students in my cohort studying Motion Design for the first time. And most likely looking into animation for the first time in their lives. I found it had a lot of use for people, even after the glimpses of CGI animation we saw in our weekly viewing and live tweeting in the subject. I knew there would be people out there with some interest in animation and knowing “how the sausage gets made”. The regret I have is, I only made my blog series available on my own personal blog, and re-blogged the links to my twitter. In hindsight I could have made use of the subject blog and posted my content to that platform. As well as advertising my blogs on Reddit or other social media’s to gain engagement and feedback on my weekly posts. Underestimating the workload and need for research hindered my final product of the DA this semester. Also not using social media to its fullest, really didn’t allow my DA to flourish the way it could have.

What I have learnt from producing ‘The Art of Animation’ is that when a topic has relevance, and some kind personal passion to you, the work just flows. And it didn’t feel like work, it felt like I was researching for my own knowledge in that particular field of graphic design. Which I know was something mentioned to the cohort at the start of the semester in selecting a topic to investigate for our DA’s. But perhaps that’s where the meaning of my DA got lost, in my own passions and excitement for animation itself. I forgot to address the brief of the DA because I got lost in the facts and art of the animation I was looking into. If I could go back now and refine the scope of my DA again, I would do what I said in my “new pitch”. Look at the industry in five years, as if I were to be joining it. And thought I mentioned new techniques and new age methods of animation, I didn’t insert myself anywhere in the DA. Nor did I mention that period of five years. I got lost in the word “future” and the mantra, “the future is now” and just kept mentioning the vastness and immensity of the future of animation.

In one way or another completing my DA this semester for BCM325 was beneficial to me and my future.  My DA is a body of work I am proud of producing. Though it did miss the brief in some ways, it did address the way history has shaped the future of the topic. And if I choose to step into the animation field, I know vital information that will assist me in producing content because of the work I have done this semester.

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WK6 – Robot and Frank 🤖

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Robot and Frank looked at healthcare and robotics. As advanced AI solutions are able to ignore anything that isn’t relevant to their assigned goal, until they “evolve”. Doubters in these advancements see no future in tech and humanity working side by side. It is inevitable at this point in our timeline; AI will exist. The question is how societies, cultures and individuals will regulate, experiment with and integrate AI into their daily lives.

This video from 2018, Shows INF Robotics prototype of a robot specifically designed for the elderly, just like Robot in the film. Something that seniors would be able to find “accessible and trustworthy”. The robotics company has the vision of making this robot accessible for many families, as well as helping seniors keep their independance and stay that way to improve their quality of life. And with their being minimal delay between innovation snad introduction to the market, it won’t be too long now until this become a reality for aged care. With algorithmic analysis and other artificial intelligence applications robotics is more flushed out than ever before.

WK7 – Arrival 👽

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Arrival looked at the future on circular path, not linear. If you could change the future, would you? If you could evolve humankind, would they listen? Not only does the film cover this but also covers extraterritorial beings and the respect we have for one another in a crisis. It looked at Louise, the protagonist, as a Futurist and futurist must do as well as imagine.

Arrival also takes as through the artform of linguistics. And how among everyone in the film, Louise was the one able to crack the Alien language, starting with fear, she had the heard to see that they were on Earth for a different reason rather than to attack. In most of the films we’ve seen a deeper look at future technologies, Arrival, besides the alien’s “gift” to humanity, shows us the technology that already exists to us. It was Louise’s mind who chose to use the technology for the purpose she did. She was a futurist from the start, knowing there was more to the story for the arrival of the aliens.

WK9 – Alita: Battle Angel 👩🏻‍🎤

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Alita is a cyborg “born” into an overpopulated city, who slowly learns about her past through battle and relationships. A cyborg forces us to rethink ideas about our relationship to technology and to our own bodies. VFX and CGI were used to create the world of Alita and Alita herself. It also shows us how technology, and Alita’s advance tech, is able to save the one she loves which can be a reflection of prothestics in our world.

The world of Alita reminds us that technology is the new ordinary, but also that humanities has control over its own biological evolution, which to some can be a spiritual challenge. Being able to modify the human tissue is regulated in our current medical practises in prothestics and metal bone-simulators. But Alita shows us what could be beyond, even our own imagination of what the body can become.

The animation of Alita also feels intentional, it stikes my eye because im doing my DA on animation itself. But the way they have animated her with large cartoon-like eyes make me believe they did that to show that even if she wasnts “completely” human – she still had such a big heart and soul. She also looks similar to Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell.

They both have been brought up “fight the bad guy”. Both cyborgs both in their own ways actually do dream of a community; it is outside of communal thinking because it is no longer human, it has an affinity for networks but is not human or machine, it is not natural or unnatural but both, it is something new. Alita more so as she seeks love and affection.

WK10 – Ready Player One 👾

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Ready Player One follows our male protaonigst Wade as he escaped his over-populated city through a virtual-reality headset and enters the world of Oasis. In the end he learns the lesson that Oasis is just a game that’s meant to be played, not a new reality. The film pays homage to the 80’s, a new age for technological advances.

The films message reminds us that the Cyberspace is real. And thought it cannot be traveled into, as encompassing as the film’s cyberspace OASIS – it is every present and surrounding us everyday. Cyberspace can mean impressive new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies but it is also the concensual hallucination experiences daily by billions of people. It is the encompass us daily with the use of mobile devices. It is the visual representation of the infomational computer space. The things that happen in cyberspace have real consequences. As we see play out on screen in the film when Wade succeeds in the cyberspace of OASIS, he puts his family and real world body in danger.

The VR technology in the film felt like it was so futuristic form the full bodysuit with touch sensory and the omnidirectional tredmil. But these technologies aren’t so different or far away to those that exist in the real world.

WK11 – Don’t Look Up ☄️

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Don’t Look Up is a dark satire about humanity’s efforts to deflect a comet that’s going to destroy us all. In the film social-media is a major part highlighting the majority of the world’s response to the news from the two main characters. Which rings very similar to when the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared on the news. The movie, though dark – hones in on the message that if those in charge choose to ignore public conern, there won’t be much to do when it’s too late.

Reminicent of the WK1 of BCM325 where we looked at planning for the future in war. The same goes for natural disaster’s which though can be presumed, are more unpredicatable than war tackics, and can also be bigger than war.

The film follows Randall and Kate’s Media Junket after they discover the comet in order to share the news with the world via a”tour”. Presentational media involves the sociocultural transformation of social networks, which includes the redirection of traditional media content – toward the layering of the online self. The added element of them becoming “celebrities” from this change the message theyre trying to convey. Intercommunication is used in the film itself by casting Leonardo Dicaprio in the lead role, an actor who has been very vocal about his concern for climate change.

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WK 1 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick 1968) 🛰

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Speaking of, he uses a lot of colours in the last 25m as Dave explores

Originally tweeted by Boswell’sBrain (@BoswellSbrain) on March 3, 2022.

I mainly looked at parallels in our world today and in the films that were inspired from 2001: A Space Odyssey. My peers were able to show me things I may have missed about production and techniques – silent film and SFX. A discussion from my tweet showed we were discovering the same thoughts. Finding parallels in modern film and television was just the beginning of this filmsvinfluence in our modern world. Technology and fear of, always seem to go hand in hand, and this was the perfect film to get us in the mindset of that, and to question it!

WK2 – Westworld (1973) 🔫

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West World a film that on the rise of AI in a Sci-Fi\created future where AI will eventually turn on humanity. I always keep an eye out for visual elements and how they have influence in modern design and creation. What I found interesting, as well as in the prior film, is how much Disney influence can be found in looking at; what makes humans human, computers and consumerism. This viewing took me to many discussions of humanity, and how its represented – if it’s unfair to side with humans because thats who we are. And if it’s wrong to look down on AI.

WK3 – Blade Runner (1982) 🌃

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Knowing I had never viewed Blade Runner I wanted to see what my peers had to say so I could participate in discussions. The film questioned ‘what makes a human, human’. We discussed the depiction of the future and deception.The film shows the audience who is Human and who is a Replicant, which makes us wonder how we put ourselves above AI, because of fear? because their made to serve man? Reoccurring themes, biblical themes and visual cues have also been seen in all films we’ve watched.

WK4 – Ghost in the Shell (1995) 🧑🏻‍🎤

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This anime film showed a woman who has been augmented to be part AI (cyborg), and works to hunt down another AI, who has wrongful intentions. A few fellow female peers found that she had been heavily sexualised for no main reasoning. But what was interesting in the notion she was part robotic, is she always felt human, in her mind. My findings allowed me to question emotions and what makes humans ‘unique‘ – technology dependance is what is foreshadowed.

WK5 – The Matrix (1999) 📟

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The Matrix create an invisible perspecitive (Cybernetic system) that conditioned the characters. And makes us wonder what we are conditioned to believe. Colour and perspective tell us what is “real”. “Cybernetics is a cornerstone of modern computational and communication technologies.“, the film shows the trancending of time and space as an extension of reality with colour themes and representation as well as biblical refrencing , mythology and rebirth.

feedback and reflections | hannah kairuz

It’s interesting to see other students projects, when you begin the process of picking a DA you feel like you have nothing, or too many choices until you whittle it down to your selected DA that will eventually change through the FEFO stages and ideating process.

I found from Jessica’s blog she took an approach that combined the process of research and planning which is an approach similar to mine. What I learnt from giving her advice, is that I also need to broaden the scope of my project, yet hone into more specific topics and ideas. In my pitch I played around with the idea of adding a second platform to my blogging, but I really do need to do several project because If I am just to do one, I am limiting myself to the opportunity of the feedback loop and vastness of the internet. I also spoke of talking about various topics, but in order for my project to have the stability it needs and impactful content, not waffle.

From Julia and Ruby’s blog I gave them links and ideas of different topics to go into for both idea of the “future of genres” and “DODA”. I suggested several, because if they were just to cover one it would be boring wouldn’t it? Which is what I need to impliment into my own DA. I do want to cover topics but i havent decided which ones. I need to start a feedback loop already to know how to go into the DA with detail topics and areas to research. If i just brush on the surface of several topics it wouldnt be enough.

In Julias blog I suggested looking at the future of dating/romance with advancements in A.I. as seen in Ready Player One and Black Mirror. Black Mirror is a great starting point for looking into Sci-Fi and its influence on our current future (The Future is Now) and the progressions that will be made even further from this point. I may need to do extra viewing sessions aside from the article research I intent to do. Media is my future, particularly in my career, I need to be at not only a variety of articles but a variety of sources.

In Ruby’s I suggested she look at covering other social platforms other than her selected one, as well as looking at the lecture content in relation to how science fiction has mythologized the scientific and technical concepts into the spectrum of human interests and behaviours and how that then related to the way technology is viewed in art.

I believe all three of the girls blogs adressed the social utility. Which I also mentioned in mine, but on reading their DA’s it’s make me reflect on how me talking about myself will truly help others, which is something I have to be weary of when writing my blogs and creating my DA. Gaining feedback and giving feedback has allowed me to see how broad my DA has appeared, and how careful I have to be with my approach.

Julias Blog:

Ruby’s Blog:

Jessicas Blog

the future of me [BCM325]

my methodology

In my blog and vlog series, I will explore those topics mentioned in the video pitch, as well as the lecture and class topics, and becoming a self reflection of myself more so through the small video reflection vlogs on how I have changed through the years in my own methodology for planning and thinking towards my future. In the early prototyping stages of my DA I will do both the blog and vlog but i may find one more effective than the other and opt to do one instead of two. I won’t know this until I begin creating and researching. 

production timeline

I have create this timeline to keep myself accountable and on track for my project. I intent to do a series of six blogs and three reflection vlogs that explore different topics. I’ve broken down the vlogs into ever second well and the blogs I have kept as weekly also planning for a final concluding piece for both. I’ve given myself submission week (WEEK 12) to edit these blogs and videos again.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2022-03-16-at-11.29.20-am.png

My DA works under the FEFO and FIST concept:

In posting my blogs earlier I hope to create a big feedback loop that I am able to reflect on in the final week and in my final submission.

Fast – I can create fast videos that I feel reflect myself and my feelings. As well as my blogs i’ll be able to say what I need to say
Inexpensive – I won’t be spending anything but time on my project to get it to completion to my standards
Simple and Tiny – My blogs will be accessible and not too long. And the short reflection videos are easy to watch, and i could also post them to TikTok as well as alone on my blog.

I believe it connects to the subject of future cultures in the way we’ve differently viewed humanity and technology and their connection, but what about humanity and humanity, and humanity on themselves. The world is ever-changing, the future is now, and I still don’t know where I fit in.

– B. Petra, 2021, Women in Information and Communication Technology , Delegate Group,
– Bolt, Laura, 2020, AOGA Eye on Design, Women Make Up Over Half the Design Industry—So Why Are There So Few at the Top?,
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