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Learning & Change: #LiveTweeting 2.0

Hey, Honey!

Preparing for the live tweeting sessions following the previous live tweeting assessment (which you can view here) I decided I needed to focus on two things:

  • Quality engagement with classmates

  • Connect with subject, lecture, and digital artefact content

In the first number of live tweeting sessions, I realised I was too focused on achieving the ‘ten tweets per lecture’ quota, and thus sacrificed engaging with others. Additionally, I needed to take into account the film’s content and message in relation to my own DA.

Below are some tweets in which I link my DA to the subject content:

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For Beta or For Worse: Peer Beta Reviews

Hey, Honey!

Beta 1: Lorena Farreras

Lorena initially aimed to create a video essay based on the legacy and futurism of influential musician David Bowie. Using the concept of the novum, and how it can be used to interpret and conceptualise the past for the prediction of the future.

In her beta, Lorena made it clear how she intended to further discuss Bowie’s influence on society’s depiction of the future through catalysts like science fiction. She also did a commendable job on taking the feedback of her peers, and using it to better her DA. As a result, she changed the run time of her scheduled videos, and intended to upload an accompanying blog post for those that want to read more. She also understood how more academic sources would complement her DA, and intended to integrate these along with questions rooted in the subject material.

David Preston, Unsplash.

Below is…

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The Future of Tabletop Gaming 2.0: The Beta

Hey, Honey!

The concept for my digital artefact is an8-10 minute long audio essay on the future of table top gaming. In my script draft, interactions with online audiences, and general research, I touch on two main components as being pivotal to the future of table top gaming – the timespan and the hybrid gaming experience.

The Short Term: wholly online table top gaming experiences, and these can exacerbate weaknesses like the social environment and physical components. However, they are useful as they eliminate the need for setup.

Medium to long term: how technology and table tops are currently working together to create a new, hybrid genre, that uses technological capabilities to merge the best parts of virtual and in person table tops.

Dungeons and Dragons.

To preserve and improve the ever shifting gaming experience, the next generation of table tops should combine the social impact of board games and…

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Peer Pitch Reviews

Hey, Honey!

Pitch 1: Lorena Farreras

Lorena’s pitch focused on the idea of a video essay, related to David Bowie’s legacy, futurism, and envisionment of the future. Looking at the short, medium, and long term, Lorena aims to utilise the concept of the science fiction novum to justify Bowie’s interpretation of the future. Additionally, how it can help us understand and conceptualise the past, and its use in predicting the future through science fiction and fact.

Below is the feedback I gave to Lorena:

  • Utilise YouTube analytics
  • Make script or project timeline public
  • Support with media and academic sources
  • Take advantage of the feedback loop for iterations and feedback

In hindsight, I could have made some improvements in recommending sources and pointing Lorena in more than one direction. For example, I recommended Volume 37 of the 2018 Contemporary Music Review which discusses the legacy of David Bowie, his unique aesthetic, and the…

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Hey, Honey!

Reflecting upon my experiences with live-tweeting over the last 2ish years, I knew what worked best for me, personally. Curating tweets, images, or gifs beforehand, and scheduling them during a relevant time or scene. I found that this way, I was able to focus my attention on the subject matter of the movie, and engage with the tweets of my peers. While I drafted the majority of my tweets, I was still given the leeway, through peer discussion and engagement, to ruminate on themes, questions, or connections I may have missed in my prior viewing. 

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The Future of Tabletop Gaming: Roll for Initiative

Hey, Honey!


The ultimate question is, how will tabletop gaming survive (and for that matter – change)? While the transformation to digital tabletops has been made easier with programs like tabletop simulator, I’d argue that in person tabletop gaming isn’t ever going to go away. It may fade in popularity, but there will always be people who want the setup, the little miniatures, to roll the dice and see the look on their friends faces when you they a nat 1. However, sometimes, people will just want to play digitally. Imagine how easy it’d be to pull out your phone with a coworker at lunch and play a quick game of augmented reality Warhammer without the hour long set up?

Pixel Toys Giving Warhammer 40K: Freeblade an AR Makeover – VRFocus
Warhammar 40K: Freeblade for iOS

How will the digital realm, and technologies involving AI, AR, and 3D printing, and the like cause people to drift further toward digital tabletop spaces? I’m…

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