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Currently studying a double degree of Communication & Media Studies and Arts (International Relations) at the University of Wollongong. Infrequent politics writer.

UOW Digital Media Society – A BCM325 Digital Artefact

homebrew drafts.

The Pyatiletka: A Five Year Expansion Plan | DMS Talent Pool Google Form | Sample Feedback Form (Meme Warfare Seminar) | UOWDMS Podcast (group component)

My digital artefact seeks to assist the expansion of the Digital Media Society at the University of Wollongong, through the production of a five-year master plan for the Society itself, as well as the development of systems for event feedback and connecting students with portfolio-building opportunities. Additionally, the public components of the artefact, including social media content, the UOWDMS podcast, and a website, have been completed with the assistance of Alex Mastronardi and Kelsea Latham, who are both completing BCM325 at present, as well as DMS Vice-President Meggen Pigram and Events Coordinator Sunny Commandeur.

untitled-5c-20i_38437477 An overview of the functionality behind our Google Forms Talent Pool system to connect students and potential gigs.

DMS is the first and only faculty-affiliated club at UOW for communication and…

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Livetweeting Curation: Stop Making Niche References, Vol. 2

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Upon reflecting on my initial set of curated tweets from this subject after the mid-session break, I noticed that there seemed to be a direct correlation between the sharing of articles (as opposed to simply offering hot takes or pieces of trivia) and lower levels of engagement. Rather than fretting over whether I should share more articles (specifically academic ones as well as web articles) or offer more ridiculously niche references exclusively, I elected to do focus somewhat more on the former, which, confusingly, allowed me to produce higher value memes to cover the latter. After a two-week break without livetweeting, my contributions to the Week 8 screening initially seemed somewhat forced, but began to reflect this observed trend almost immediately. An impromptu thread outlining Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robots gained a handful of likes and retweets, but zero engagement – by contrast, sharing academic articles did surpringly well when…

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Future Cultures – Beta Reviews

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Beta 1 – Maddy Baker’s The Horticultural Solution

I thoroughly enjoyed Maddy’s digital artefact concept – a series of media-rich blog posts focusing on the future of agriculture and the potential for micro-agriculture technologies, even for students on a tight budget, to support growing one’s own food. Compared to my other two beta comments, I brought substantially more of my own experiences and knowledge on the topic into this comment – in particular, my own enthusiasm for neo-traditional Twitter accounts and my general scepticism of ‘raising awareness’ as a raison d’être for…anything, really.

This comment presented me with the opposite problem to what I experienced with the initial set of pitch reviews – rather than focusing too much on non-academic sources, I feel as if that I was not able to place the academic perspective I did share in a context that was specific enough to actually be useful. My remark…

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BCM325 Beta – UOW Digital Media Society Future Planning

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Since my initial pitch, I’ve tinkered with the core idea for my Digital Artefact somewhat, primarily to focus more on the long-term strategy for the society and to prevent clashing with Alex and Kelsea’s projects. Specifically, I’ve moved the strategy away from skill development and towards ingratiating the Digital Media Society with the university structure, with a particular focus on management and developing DMS as a first port of call for media students at UOW.

I’ve yet to release the master plan on Twitter, but I have received project feedback from my peers, whilst the Google Form system for feedback is fully operational (simply needing tailoring to each individual event). Overall trajectory will continue to value feedback (or in the case of events, an absence of this), with a more complete draft of the master plan to be released publicly in the coming weeks. Something that I’ve found surprisingly valuable…

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Future Cultures – Pitch Reviews

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Pitch 1: Em Koletti’s Black Mirror Podcast

not again.JPG

Em’s digital artefact is a podcast series focusing on the dystopian conceptions of the future and technology depicted in the television series Black Mirror – she planned to discuss three of her favourite episodes of the series (one per podcast). While I love the idea, I found it obvious that background research was confined to her own existing knowledge of the show; odd considering the popularity of Black Mirror has resulted in a steadily growing body of research into it. Similarly, I felt that more detail could have been included as to exactly which Black Mirror episodes were analysed.

In terms of my review, I feel that I could have incorporated more academic sources, focusing on futures studies and contrasting novums within each episode. However, from what I’ve seen both from my own comments and from others commenting on my pitches, contributing academic 

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Livetweeting Curation – Stop Making Niche References, vol. 1

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Having already been somewhat familiar with livetweeting through another third-year subject I completed last year (BCM320 Digital Asia), the process of livetweeting hasn’t felt anywhere near as daunting to me as it has done to others. What has been challenging for me, then has been striking a balance between making engaging content at a moment’s notice, and making ridiculously specific references to pop culture, classics, or politics, which usually goes over the heads of my classmates. It’s my own fault, really.

Tweets like those above have had fairly mixed successes; perhaps they’re not entertaining enough or specifically relevant, or they’re entertaining but not capable of generating large threads. Having said this, I would rather enjoy myself  (even if a lot of my tweets are knee-jerk reactions to what’s on screen) than dump questionable IMDB trivia into the feed. Drawing on my own experiences, knowledge, and stupidly niche sense of…

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BCM325 Pitch – UOW Digital Media Society

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As our economy increasingly moves towards automation & casualization, and increases rates of technology uptake, the role of professional societies needs to change. As such, my Digital Artefact will track the evolution and future strategic planning for the Digital Media Society at UOW.

The advent of social media & technologies requires professional associations and student clubs at universities to reinvent themselves; no longer is it valuable to only release a quarterly magazine or run infrequent networking events. Associations need to constantly engage their audiences, both through online and in-person channels. Technological development is leading to a reality where casualization is rife, workers cannot keep up with rapid changes and are made obsolete, and affects both blue-collar and white-collar jobs alike (Novak & Dizdarevic, 2018). This overall challenging of the social contract, through so-called “crowd-based capitalism” will radically restructure the pillar institutions of market capitalism (Sundararajan, 2017).


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