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BCM325 Digital Artefact Contextual Report!

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For my BCM325 digital artefact, I decided to create a blog series of three blog posts that discuss my future goals and aspirations after graduating from the degree I am currently studying. When thinking about my future and this project, three years was the time that works best to consider my future goals and aspirations.

When looking to gather different perspectives and create engagement for my project, I utilised Twitter for this, posting tweets that relate to the idea of my blog post and gathering different perspectives and information about a specific topic that relates to my blog post.

With my project, because it was based around my future, I did realise that I was limited with the research which I could do. An element that I utilised was writing down my own future goals and aspirations. All the information I had written I would utilise in my blog posts…

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Live tweeting – part 2, bcm325

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Live tweeting during a movie was definitely a process that took me time to learn and understand. Watching a movie, understanding a movie, researching articles related to a movie and tweeting about a movie at the same time was something that took time to learn and understand. During this semester, I have found my skills with live tweeting during a movie have improved; from weeks 1 – 6, it was the aspect of learning and understanding while learning how to tweet engaging content related to a specific movie. Live tweeting from weeks 6 – 12 for me was the aspect of knowing how to tweet but figuring out different ways to make my tweets engaging and interesting.

Tweeting interesting facts about the movies was a starting point of realising how and what type of facts to post on Twitter. When posting facts, I learned to understand a way to improve…

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Peer comments and reflecting, part 2!

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Leo’s Beta blog post:

My comment on Leo’s Beta blog post:

Leos DA is based around the positive effects virtual reality will have in 25 years. When providing feedback to Leo, I was aiming to think of ways to provide a new aspect based around virtual reality to Leo, an element he could add to his project while also providing a comparison. With this thought, I offered feedback to Leo, which was conveying that an element he could look into including as a part of his project would be analysing movies that convey the future of VR and comparing that to what academics are conveying the future of VR to be like. This could be an interesting element to include as it compares two different aspects of virtual reality. A link which I provided in my comment to Leo, which was titled “Top 5 Virtual…

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My Future after graduation – bcm325 beta

Since last doing my pitch for my project, my project has not gone through many changes. One of the changes I decided to add to my blog series was adding youtube videos that align with my future goals and aspirations. This change was due to feedback that I received on my pitch for my project from a student.

Some things I will continue to do for my project, including researching other forms of content which may be included in my blog posts, and I will continue researching relevant forms of information from sites such as google scholar and UOW library. This information will have to do with the future after graduating with a degree. Another aspect I will include in my blog series is to post a link to each blog post on Twitter to hopefully allow other students to share their thoughts and ideas on my posts in the comment section.

Live tweeting – PART 1, BCM325

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When I first began live tweeting, it was a concept that was definitely interesting to me. Live tweeting while watching a movie is never something which I had never done before. So far, we have been live tweeting from weeks one to five.


In week one, we watched Metropolis; when first tweeting about the film I was definitely confused on how to share relevant and engaging content.

My first ever tweet:

This being my first tweet, I decided to learn about Metropolis while watching the movie. I realised with Metropolis that it is a film where I have put all of my concentration into understanding what is going on. So that fact that I had to live tweet and watch the film, I decided to…

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Peer comments and Reflecting!

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My first comment was on Alicia’s DA

Press here to see my comment on Alicia’s blog post

Press here to go to Alicia’s blog post

Alicia’s DA is a series of three blog post based around VR and AR, combined with the future of online shopping. Alicia’s DA will discuss how VR and AR technologies are being used in the business industry.

With my comment to Alicia, I recommended completing short reviews at the end of each video essay. These reviews would be of other businesses platform that have utilised VR and AR in their businesses. I had provided a link to an article that portrays six businesses that have utilised VR and AR.

The six businesses are:

  1. Walmart – Customer service training
  2. Natuzzi – Furniture Showcase
  3. TopShop – Fashion runway show
  4. Volvo – test drive
  5. Mariott – Travel & Tourism
  6. Immersive Education – Apollo 11

I had provided this…

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My Future plan – Graduating at the end of 2021! BCM325

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In terms of feedback for this project, I want to utilise Reddit to ask questions based around planning for the future. I would like to see how other students on Reddit plan for the future and to see how everyone’s plan can differentiate!

I will also utilise Twitter, Twitter is a platform which I can share my blog posts with the BCM community. I will ask for feedback from BCM students on Twitter and ask students to comment on my posts and see what they think about each blog post, while also allowing them to share what plans they have set for the future after they graduate.

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