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Tweet Tweet Pt. 2

Elizabeth Farley

I received quite a lot of feedback on round one of my tweets. One of the main parts of the feedback that I implemented throughout the second half of the semester included augmenting my audiences knowledge. Throughout the second half of this experience, I have found myself tweeting more news and articles that relate to the films that we were watching in hopes of doing this.

Looking back on this semester of live-tweeting films, I wish I had utilised pre-written tweets. Pre-writing my tweets could have helped me find better information to convey about the films as well as developing any ideas that I may have about the film. Tweetdeck is another way I should have tweeted as well. This is because I lost time switching between twitter screens which could have been easily viewed in one place with Tweetdeck.

Based on feedback received, I attempted to find academic resources…

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Are My Comments Beta?

Elizabeth Farley

Some feedback from part one of this assessment was really helpful for me. I was able to better my commenting by providing links and suggestions to the beta presenters and also taking the opportunity to learn from what they are doing.

The first pitch that I commented on was Rachel’s, she is doing a podcast as well. My comment on her post is below:

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 7.18.09 PM

Rachel’s Podcast is based on automation through an Amazon case study. She is also creating a website to embed them into, this will make finding them easier for the listener to find them all in one place.

This beta presentation taught me a lot about what I can do with my DA, so commenting was quite difficult as she had already been covering more bases than I had with her podcast. However, I was able to include some links that may help Rachel with her…

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What’s Next? – Project Beta

Elizabeth Farley

When Tiana and I started this podcast, I had a lot to learn. Firstly, what to name a podcast; so Tiana came up with ‘What Next?’. This name is relevant, as we are talking about past and current celebrity conspiracy theories and then linking them to the future.

In this Beta video I discuss what’s working, what isn’t and any feedback that we have received. I also discuss the future of the project and any changes that have happened since the pitch was posted, as well as future changes to the podcast.


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Live-Tweeting Films

Elizabeth Farley

Tweeting is something I love doing, I have an audience on another twitter account and am a firm believer that you can form real connections through tweeting. However, Live-tweeting films has proven to be harder than I thought it would be.


The first film we watched, Metropolis, proved to be difficult. I struggled to keep up and this came across in my tweets. My most popular tweet only got 4 likes and two replies.

This tweet seemed to be of some success because it linked aspects of the film to modern day themes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a theme in a lot of the films we watch so linking it to a new music video that explores aspects of AI in todays world.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.18.25 PM

Week two bought more interaction. People were more into the facts I was posting and it seemed to get a little easier to watch and tweet.


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Constructive Commenting

Elizabeth Farley

Commenting on other student blogs has been something that I have struggled with throughout the course of my  degree. So given the chance to comment on posts as well as get advice for my own was a great exercise to take part in.

My first comment was on Nick’s post about the future of drones.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.44.54 PM This comment was good but vague, which I feel like I will say about the other two as well. Instead of giving actual advice, I tend to ask questions to make the creator think about what direction they would like to take.

In this comment, I asked about where Nick will post his podcasts as he did not mention this. We all know places they can go, he didn’t need me to talk to him about soundcloud etc. I  and the laws for flying drones. I included a government link to a website on drone…

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BCM325 DA Pitch – Podcasts

Elizabeth Farley

The future of Podcasts with Tiana Paoletti and Elizabeth Farley.

For my DA, Tiana and I decided to try something a little different. I have never done a podcast before and with their emerging popularity right now, it seems like the best medium for us to use.

These podcasts will be conversational between us, discussing conspiracies surrounding a broad range of topics that are emerging now and will effect the future in 5, 10 or even 20+ years.

View pitch below:

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