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Prior to commencing communication and media subjects I had no concept about digital artifacts and what they consisted of. Today, as I write my sixth contextual essay for my digital artifacts, I am three weeks away from finishing my double degree in Communication and Media and Commerce. Digital artifacts have become one of the most pivotal learning processes throughout my studies and my Future Studies project reiterated that throughout my final semester.

DeFranzo (2021) states that feedback is valuable and an important source of information to help the creator develop ideas and execute decisions. Throughout my digital artifact I used feedback and the process of feedback loops to build on my project concept, methodology and direction. From this I created three iterations of video essays all evolving from pitch and beta feedback as well as blog interaction, Twitter interaction as well as student and audience verbal feedback.

This contextual essay…

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My twitter account:

Before BCM325, I had no concept oflive-tweeting, what it was or what it entailed. It has been twelve weeks since I started live-tweeting and seven weeks since I last reflected on this experience.

At the start of the semester, I struggled to generate content that was engaging and kept up with peer conversations. I found when I spent time live-tweeting and curating tweets I was distracted from the film which impacted the how much I interacted on Twitter as well as my tweets becoming less structured and engaging.

After self-reflecting in week 5, I came up with strategies to help me learn more about live tweeting, how to engage more with peers and how to perform this skill in a way that did not take away from watching the film. Every week I would watch the weekly lecture and read the readings and rake…

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With digital artifacts moving into their final stages, feedback is as crucial as that at the start of our projects. Feedback is an essential component of effective change.Feedback in this subject has helped me improve my work quality, influenced my content and research decisions moving forward.

1st Comment – Asher

Concept: Two-part video essay exploring the future of information, communication, and the exploitation of the general population using botnets, bots, and troll farms.

Methodology: Two-part video essay shared on YouTube, engage on Twitter with audience

Utility: The utility of this project is to raise awareness, inform and encourage discussion around issues and misuse of bots

Asher’s presentation portrayed his digital artifact very well. The slides were concise, and he spoke clear which made his beta presentation engaging. However, Asher did not mention what future period he was studying short, medium, or long term), which is…

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Beta Presentation

I have learnt a lot through the two prototypes I have produced. Each feedback loop has driven multiple iterations and resulted in a concept change. My project now involves producing a series of video essay that focuses on a key piece of sports technology that has proven influential to the short-, medium- and long-term future. With each key piece of technology, I use subject material, further academic articles, and journals as well as blogs and opinion pieces to accurately forecast how this can improve and alter the future Olympic games.

Digital Artefact Concept

The rest of my project will continue to explore and address the short-, medium- and long-term future considering sports technologies. I will continue to use the subject material looking in depth at the future trajectories and projections of sports technology.

Project Timeline

To track the progress of the final stages of my project I have…

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Feedback is an essential component of effective change. Feedback is crucial as it demonstrates how well we are doing, and what can be done better to improve understandings. Feedback in this subject has helped me improve my work quality, influenced my content and research decisions moving forward.

1st Comment – Katie

Concept:Looking at what travel will look like in the future, how the experience will differ and if virtual reality can create the same experience despite not physically being present at destinations.

Methodology:Weekly TikTok videos and blog posts.

Utility:Individuals who miss travelling and crave hat experience of discovery, adventure, and freedom.


Katie’s presentation was well constructed and formatted, clearly describing her project’s concept, methodology, and utility. However, she did not address what future period she was studying (short, medium, or long term), which is the clear focus of this digital artifact. Katie also lacked background…

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My twitter account:

Before BCM325, I had no concept of live-tweeting, what it was or what it entailed. I struggled to generate engaging content through my own experiences whilst live-tweeting and giving the films watched in the subject my full attention. Thus, I missed central themes, character, and plot developments throughout that made me further lack understanding in what content to tweet about. Throughout the weeks, through various films, I have tried to improve on my live-tweeting based on other accounts and their examples of this skill.

Here is a document of all the sources I have used each week to gather content to live tweet about.

Here is a document that directs you to all my tweets and interactions each week.

However, below are some of the pivotal tweets and interactions that I developed throughout different weeks and different films.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927)

As mentioned…

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Future Studies or futurology “seeks to understand what patterns in the world are likely to continue and what might change”.

Project Pitch

For my digital artifact in this subject, I will creating a series of 4 video essays posted on YouTube and shared on my blog and Twitter account surrounding the idea of how media in the sports industry has evolved overtime and how it will evolve further into the future. Looking at a range of Olympic games I will examine the shift in media in the sports industry and what it will look like in July 2021 for this years Tokyo games. I will then use my research including academic and other secondary sources to make a reasonable assumption in the direction media will take for future Olympics games in 20 years’ time. With this my DA will initially address the future in the short term being less than…

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