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Digital Artifact & Contextual Essay

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Concept & Utility

With the pandemic, everyone is shifting to using things online since there are no other options — whether it’s classes or meeting new people. In the span of 11 weeks, I have spent time on thinking about what topic of a foreseeable future I would want to dive into. The role of Artificial Intelligence in dating apps is a very intriguing topic for me. From collecting people’s private information to their backgrounds, a machine can tell a lot about us if we are online, whether we like it or not. Building around the whole premise of how the advancement of algorithms are able to study and analyze who will be the perfect match for you, and how well they really know and understand you is a broad topic that I have attempted to explore.


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Beta Comments & Critical Self-Reflection

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As we progress through the semester, I have gained more insight on future thinking and how I am able to apply the lecture concepts we were taught in my own DA, as well as hopefully providing some helpful notes on others’ final Digital Artifact on the what the role of technologies and practices of Future Studies will be in the future. As we learn more about the predictions and how the future may look like in a few years (or decades), I believe there is still a huge amount of uncertainty as to where our current technology will bring us.

As we explore the subject of future planning together, here are some quotes I have derived from the lectures that stand out in relation to the matter of future thinking;

“Future Studies is not omniscient. Future studies seek to make the future better, not just preparing for…

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Live Tweets – Weeks 7 to 12

I managed to get a clearer grasp on the concept and the skills of live tweeting during our movie screenings throughout the semester. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: preparation is key. Reading up on the movie themes and our lectures before the live movie screenings are a big help when it comes to tweeting on the actual day, eliminating the stress of having to research about the film during the movie screenings. We focused on the elements that surround Cyberculture throughout the rest of the semester — such as — Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Cyborgs, and the revolutions and predictions of AI technology.

“Science fiction as a genre has evolved a set of socially-agreed-upon conventions for imagining and representing many possible futures.”

Lecture 2: What is Science Fiction?

Tweets During Movie Screenings

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