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Still Tweeting During a Movie!? – Tweets Pt.2


So… I have finally made it to the end of semester and am still tweeting during science fiction every Thursday morning. Unfortunately, I had missed a few of the screenings however I still posted my tweets in hope to catch up so here they are. Also disclaimer… there hasn’t been any likes or responses on them but thats alright!

Week 6 – Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 was directed by Denis Villeneuve and released in 2017. The main purpose of my tweets this week was to talk about engineered humans. These are humans that are also half robot/cyborg/machine. I linked this movie to Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix as they both explore the concept of androids and predicting how out future might turn out due to technological advances. My favourite tweet from this week was the link to the lecture “Futurists”. It mentions that futurist Hans…

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Thoughts On The Future – Beta Comments


Charlea – Beta Than Ever

I believe the comment I had made on Charlea’s beta video was shared in a positive light while leaving some constructive criticism at the same time. I have been following this digital artefact since the pitch video and have seen the iterations made during the process. I have noticed that there is strong engagement between Charlea and the instagram account they are managing. It is said that the engagement is more prevalent with their instagram reels and videos in comparison to regular post uploads. I think this is a great utilisation of the FEFO method and has shown the use of the feedback loop to their advantage.

Although the Instagram account being used for this digital artefact has already been established and has a following, I would of liked to have seen Charlea create their own account on either Instagram or whatever social media platform…

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Cryptocurrency For Dummies Explained (Beta)


Interacting with Reddit users was a great source of education as there are so many cryptocurrency users and experts on the platform who could help me gather a better understanding on what the future of cryptocurrency may looks like. I will be taking this information and really digging deeper into the future within my next blog post. So far, this experience has been very eye opening towards how money can be manipulated and used without government control.

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Tweeting During a Movie? – Post B


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that a part of my assignment is to live tweet during a movie. Well.. you should because its actually compulsory to do so. Each week, we have to post a minimum of 10 tweets and 20 interactions to others tweets while watching a different science fiction film each week. of course, the tweets must be insightful and hold some research into the background and themes of the movie being shown. This blog post is a breakdown of my must successful, unsuccessful and interesting tweets that myself, and others have posted.

Week 1 – Metropolis

This was the first week of live tweeting and surprisingly, this was the easiest week for me. Having watched and analysed the movie during my year 12 HSC, I hav prior understanding of the themes and concepts of the film.

These following tweets were my most successful and…

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Artefact Insights – Post A


Hayden – Sustainable Footprint


The concept of Hayden’s digital artefact is an in-depth look art humanities impact on the environment and what effect human consumption will have in 10 years time on biodiversity. The target audience is aimed at young adults studying at university and to educate them on the topic and the effect it has on the planet. The digital artefact will be on twitter as it allows different forms of media, as well as a place to post information and spark discussions.

In my comment, I firstly expressed my interest on the topic. As someone who loves the environment, I want to follow along with this project to see how I can reduce my footprint and make my living more sustainable. As for a link to the BCM 325 weekly lectures, there is a topic mentioned in Week 3’s Soundcloud podcast which mentions “Anthropocene“. This…

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The Million Dollar Idea



As for the methodology, I am tossing up between a couple of ideas and here is why. As the niche I have selected is based around those who are heavy internet users, reddit users and potentially Youtube users, I had the idea to create multiple videos each talking about a different section of my research or a series of blogs addressing the same things. This is still yet to be decided after some initial research. No matter what, my project will be based around the FIST concept making it fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny to maximise research time and minimise stress!


I have also completed some initial research into what cryptocurrency is (the basics) and browsed reddit where i found some interesting subreddits such as r/wallstreetbets where is discusses things such as the Best Buy saga which I will create a whole blog about.

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