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The Future of Music

Glass Of Milk

In this contextual report, I look at:

– Concept

– Methodology

– Background research

– Utility

– Overall trajectory

– Project’s success and limitations


For my digital artefact for BCM325, a subject I’m enrolled in at university, I decided to look at the future of music. This was done through a video essay series where I looked at the future of music production and the future of music consumption. I specifically looked at the innovations that have happened over time in the field and then made my predictions on what that future may look like in the next 50 years and exploring the potential, probable and preferred futures.


My digital artefact is a two-part video essay series that was recorded using a Rode NT1A microphone, Logic Pro X, audio interface and Final Cut Pro and uploaded onto YouTube. Each video creation process was lengthy as I had to…

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What My Peers Are Up To?

Glass Of Milk

As part of my BCM325 project, we were asked to comment on fellow peers DA Betas. Looking at my peer’s Betas from an explicative viewpoint allowed me to look at my own in a more critical light. This is the second time I have looked at my peer’s DA’s and made comments, click here for the first ‘What My Peers Are Up To’.

My first comment was to Elissa, you can view her blog here. Elissa’s digital artefact is looking at the future of sports technology and specifically looks at the implication of technologies in the Olympics.  

I suggested to Elissa that she consider facets such as the bureaucracy that a governing body like the Olympics would have when introducing innovative technologies as it’s an intriguing angle that could be explored. I found an interesting article that is relevant to Elissa’s topic and refers to an ‘innovation iceberg’ when…

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Live Weekly Tweeting 2.0

Glass Of Milk

For BCM 325 we were asked to engage with weekly screenings of sci-fi movies as we uncover and learn about future cultures and what that may look like. We were asked to draw on research and weekly readings and engage with classmates on relevant topics and ideas brought about in each screening. Below are the most prominent tweets from each week.

For Pt1 of weekly screenings (Week 1-6) viewhere

Week 7: The Matrix

The Matrix (1999) - Rotten Tomatoes

My tweets

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BCM325 Project Beta

Glass Of Milk

Click here for my project pitch

  • When researching my second video I found an article by Forbes which will be useful when discussing music consumption. 

  • I intend on making up for the lost time by sharing my video series on subreddits used by musicians and ask for their feedback as well as sharing on Twitter using the bcm325 hashtag. I also intend on getting my friends and family to watch and engage with the project too.

  • I will be using Final Cut Pro and a Rode NT1A microphone to create and edit a video that looks professional and has the potential to be used as a reference for future job prospects.


Csathy, P., 2021.The Future Of Music: Where It Is Today & Where It’s Going In The Next Decade. [online] Forbes. Available at: <–where-its-going-in-the-next-decade/?sh=253ea3ce707e> [Accessed 5 May 2021].

Bell, W., 1999. Foundations of Futures Studies…

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Live Weekly Tweeting

Glass Of Milk

For more tweets and interactions visit my Twitter

Week 1 Metropolis (1927) 

My Tweets

I found during the first weekly screening I looked at what went into making this film regarding costuming and how that helps portray the character. I also touched on a thought I had, where metropolis predicted the rise of big tech which I was meant to do more background research but never got around to it after class. It’s clear that I try to use humour…

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What my peers are up to?

Glass Of Milk

As part of my class assessment for BCM325 future cultures, I was asked to provide feedback and comments to my peers who are currently undergoing their digital artefact projects. As part of my feedback I was asked to provide relevant links to research and class and lecture materials.

First comment:

The first comment I wrote was to Victoria Chan, who has chosen to look at the future of Esports, in doing so Victoria hopes to make predictions on what the future of Esports looks like and its surrounding communities.

Victoria had already began doing relevant research for her DA, so I just suggested some more potential research points, such as looking into why people are engaging with Esports apposed to traditional sports and change of trends taking place.

I also highlighted some of our class material that fits her DA really well, as I found there was not a…

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The Future of Music

Glass Of Milk

Throughout the process of creating this digital artefact, I will consider what the future of the Australian music industry may look like with numerous predictions and research to illustrate what I think the future may look like.

As briefly discussed in my pitch video, this my production timeline that illustrates roughly what will be done and when to ensure that all aspects I want to cover do actually get covered because like a lot of people I’m an A grade procrastinator.

I Implore my fellow peers to reach out and to create a discussion around the future of music as it plays a major role in shaping our culture and future cultures.

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