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University of Wollongong Student studying Bachelor of Communications and media. Interested to the core about football statistics and dynamics that make up the game we all love and support today.

Rap It Out


Rap It Out Pitch

Description of Theme and Setting 

Rap It Out is a game that oversees a winner’s rise to fame, however, some are not so lucky and will endure many hardships including their life’s work roasted, their flaws exposed or even forced to switch genres like Machine Gun Kelly. Join your friends on the epic stage, and rap it out in this twisted, new style.

The theme of this game is focused on entertainment through others potentially struggling, you can guarantee this game will bring out the worst in people. You most definitely do not need to be good at freestyling to play this game.

Description of Genre and Type

The genre for this game falls under party games, and that is honestly when it is best played. The atmosphere created by this game is definitely unique as most party games involve truth or dare, drinking or card-based…

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Peer Reviews BCM325: Am I Harsh?


Here comes the time of the year to report on my peer reviews on a few DA pitches and reflect on the process, relevancy and future outcomes that this task has brought to the table.

PeerReview 1: “THE FUTURE OF THEMCU” by Melissa Ellenholt

Melissa’s project focuses on the future of content in the marvel cinematic universe, addressing the current and future tv shows and movies. I took high interest in this post due to my familiarity with the MCU, to which I found an issue with her post, therefore I corrected her, Sony owns the rights to Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman therefore it is their choice whether he gets a third movie to not (Source I provided). I also recommended Mel to post her content on platforms such as TikTok as I thought that would fit right in. Maybe I was a bit too nit-picky with this comment…

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Live Streaming? NO… Live Tweeting


If you found this tweet on the presumption that live streaming is a thing of the future, you are wrong, live-tweeting is the future. All jokes aside, live-tweeting is a concept that has come as such interest to me, spamming out tweets about a movie while a bunch of people are doing exactly the same thing. It definitely has its moments and is the cause for some great discussion, so here we are, ranking my top tweets of the live-tweeting sessions in the last 5 weeks.

(From Worst to Best)

Week 5: The Matrix

Week 5 was easily the worst week for Tweets, unfortunately. This one tweet here…

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MNM Hub: The Future of REACT Channels

Hey guys, and welcome to my third iteration of my YT Channel MNM Hub (originally known as MMM Hub), this semester I am going to be focusing on the logistics side of the channel including the trends, trajectories and short-medium term goals.

I will also be taking a deep dive into how “react” channels are going to evolve in the future, what direction they are going to take, how will it affect online audiences.

This information will be released in a series of blog posts split up into the 3 different sectors of my channel (Reactions, Album Reviews, and Tournament Rankings) while identifying important milestones on the channel too.

These posts will also focus on the projections of future developments with and without interventions.

“The past is not a guide to the future. The past can be transcended. Conscious decisions and efforts to achieve great purpose can shape the future.”

Wendell Bell (2003) [1997] p.14

Finally, this will be relevant to users looking to create a reaction channel, will this last throughout their career on YouTube, or will this system turn dry. This may even be just a stage of maturity throughout many YouTuber’s careers and how they learn who they are through reactionary content.