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Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Contextual Report

Jacob Suter

Artificial Intelligence Implications – Blog Series Pitch

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Approaching and Overcoming the Future Cultures DA Challenge

on specific industries was grounded from the offset to tackle the Future Culture challenge as a means of providing valuable insight into a for my audience to consume, while also make their own interpretations of the implications discussed.

Educate, Encourage and Cultivate Future Planning from my Digital…

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Live Tweeting: The Romance of Engagement in the Future Cultures

Jacob Suter


Welcome to the second blog post in which I complete a self-reflection of my experience live-tweeting through that of the #BCM325 Future Cultures, You can find my first blog: . As a quick reminder for those joining after my first blog, Live Tweeting is the process of “sending a series of tweets during any particular event where you are a host or participant.” () and can be an extremely important tool for anybody working in the fields of Digital Marketing, Digital Social Media, and Communication as a whole through its ability to increase “social media engagement, expand your network, build brand awareness and position you as an industry authority.”()

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This blog will focus on my overall participation over the second half of the movie viewing during the semester, through the medium of engagement with our…

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Experience Learning Through Peer Reviewing

Jacob Suter


Over the course of my University degree, as a means of developing our skills in the analysis of others and our own work. This year we’ve been tasked with Peer-Reviewing fellow students in our Cohort’s Digital Artifact Pitches.

Throughout the peer-review process, it can provide us with valuable information about other students’ DAs and areas of interest like , , and Science-Fiction as we conduct our own research into the concepts to be able to build a

Peer-reviewing has provided me with some crucial insight into my own Digital Artifact work, as I analyze the excellence of my peers. Two crucial points for my Digital Artifact include being conservative surrounding Secondly, within our work can limit its overall effectiveness in communicating our message which is a vital component for

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Pitch Feedback Comments & DA Summaries

Charlie’s Digital Artifact is an Instagram account where…

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#BCM325 – Digital Artefact Pitch – Implications of Artificial Intelligence on future Cultures

Jacob Suter



As previously discussed, I will be creating a blog series to explore the implications of Artificial Intelligence on key areas of interest in regards to fields I’m interested in and where I could see myself working in. My blog series will consist of fortnightly uploads in which I discuss possible futures which involve the possible positive and negative repercussions of Artificial Intelligence. I will be drawing on research from academic, scholarly, and popular news sources along with BCM325 class reading and science-fiction media to create an image of the future through my blog series.

Previous #BCM206 DA Blog Series

The audio and video portion of my blog will most likely take the form of digital versions of my blog where I will attempt to incorporate footage from relevant activities to the subject matter being discussed in the blogs, for example, footage of my wargaming…

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