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This video briefly explains where I’m up to in the process of creating my DA. I have not gotten to the point of posting any blogs as of yet, as you can see by the timeline below, however the first blog is written and ready for upload tomorrow. This video also outlines a detailed structure for the first blog post which discusses the history of A.I.

Blog Post # 1: May 22 (HISTORY OF A.I.)
Blog Post # 2: May 29 (PROS V.S. CONS)
Blog Post # 4: June 12 (THE INFLUENCE OF MEDIA)

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Live Tweeting – A Reflection

Jaime BCM 325

Over the course of this semester, we have been live-screening and live-tweeting a variety of science fiction films, and discussing their relevance to the future of society. At the beginning of this course, I was very nervous to begin live-tweeting, as it’s something I’ve never done before. I was nervous about the time pressure of it all, and being able to retain information from the film while simultaneously producing critical and engaging comments that relate to lecture content. Because of this, I began attempting to screen movies a few days prior to lecture, so that the content would be fresh in my mind for the live-tweeting session. This also ensured I wouldn’t miss any critical information within the film while tweeting.

When critically reflecting on my tweets from week one in comparison to week five, I notice a lot more discussion about the plot of the film, and what it…

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Peer Review – A Reflection

Jaime BCM 325

Isaac’s DA Pitch Feedback:

The first pitch I reviewed was Isaac’s idea to construct a DA that follows a series of live streams, which will discuss the future of the graphic design industry. His Digital Artefact consists of conducting multiple live streams over the course of the term, which will allow viewers to imagine the process of design, listen to discussions on the tendencies of designers, and inspect the multiple design industries throughout different stages of the future. Isaac’s pitch was really concise and well thought out, but I suggested that he narrow his focus by developing a sense of place within his research. The design industry can vary depending on its location, and this can be a massive amount of information to cover. I also suggested that his first live stream touch on the history of graphic design, as a foundation for viewers to understand how it has already…

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Digital Artefact – PITCH

Jaime BCM 325

Contextual Statement:

My digital artefact for this course will be addressing the concerns of future cultures surrounding artificial intelligence and its advancement and eventual possible integration into everyday life. The digital artefact will be in the format of a podcast episode from a podcast series titled “Into the Future”, a series that discusses other aspects of future cultures and how they will ultimately change the world we live in today. Only one episode of said series will actually be recorded and will discuss academic and scholarly sources that evaluate the current state of artificial intelligence, as well as how this new technology will change the course of our future as a society. Other episodes in the ‘series’ will be listed for aesthetic purposes in this assignment, to make the podcast episode more realistic. In developing this podcast episode, I will be researching the topic of artificial intelligence, developing a script…

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