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BCM325 Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

DA & Contextual Essay

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This Digital Artefact (DA) attempts to develop a prediction of what advertising might look like in the future. Underpinned by theory and research, the prediction has been actualised into a futuristic advertisement video. This essay will summarise the research and iteration process that influenced the idea’s development, outlining its social utility and providing detail into the concepts and imagined technologies that substantiate the speculation.

Secondary Research

During the first few iterations of the project, my focus was on developing the prediction based off the history and evolution of marketing. This emphasis on secondary research provided the theoretical foundation for the actualisation of my DA.

For the initial investigation, I looked at the history of marketing; utilising Philip Kotler’s five eras model to identify trends and insights into its evolution (Marketing MRI 2012). My intention was to use this research to identify overarching trends, which in turn could provide direction…

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BCM325 – Reflection on Commenting

Post #4 – Reflection on Commenting

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Comment #1: Yuanxin (Wendy) Wen

Wendy’s beta presentation outlines her intention to explore the possible amalgamation of virtual and robot pets in the future. Specifically, she talks about Pokémon Go and the opportunity for it to extend beyond the virtual and into the physical. When reflecting upon my approach to commenting on Wendy’s blog, it’s clear that I possess a highly sceptical and dystopian sentiment towards the future. When thinking about why I instinctively gravitate towards this view, I realise it stems from my underlying fear and distrust of establishment. Throughout my university experience, I have developed a sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’ regarding the ‘elite’ in contrast to ‘the rest of us’. I believe that the growing divide in global power, wealth and knowledge means that the 95% are highly susceptible to manipulation by of the other 5%. This leads me to always consider the possibility of exploitation…

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BCM325 – Reflection on Live Tweeting

Post #3 – Reflection on Live Tweeting

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In this blog, I will be reflecting on my live tweeting experience from weeks 8 to 12, highlighting my most prominent tweets & interactions, and engaging in critical self-reflection. Admittedly, my live-tweeting output over the last few weeks has been inconsistent; unfortunately I was absent for two screenings.

When reviewing on my tweets during the screening of Marjorie Prime (2017), it is clear that I focused on engagement rather than original posts.

At the time, I justified this approach to myself through the argument that it is helpful in developing existing ideas more deeply and collaboratively, promoting conversation and debate. In…

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Beta Presentation: Assessment 2: Part 2

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50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years as a result of insufficient demand’ – Desjardins (2017)

I have identified two trends that have moved in parallel with Kotler’s five eras (1997). Firstly, market saturation, which has led marketers to develop more efficient and effective marketing technologies (Boeri 2005), and secondly, the transition from mass to personalised marketing, which questions the future of privacy and surveillance. My prediction of future marketing will be based on the assumption these trends continue. It will serve as a warning that our obsession with technological advancement, specifically in marketing, will outpace regulations and ethical considerations, leading to the dystopian future predisposed by sci-fi films.


Akkawi, Y 2018, ‘Science Fiction Has Helped Predict the Future of Technology. Here’s Why We Should Be Worried’, Inc, weblog post, 27 February, viewed 6 April 2019, <;

Boeri, T 2005, ‘Population…

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Commenting on Comments about Comments…

Blog Post 2: Comment Reflection

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As part of a BCM325 ‘Future Cultures’ assessment, we are required to comment on three of our peers Digital Artefact (DA) pitches. This is a great way for us to receive, and provide feedback on our proposals, helping us develop artefacts that have more relevance with greater insights. This blog will reflect upon the comments I have made, justifying choices and evaluating my approach to this exercise.

1) CGI Technology And The Future Of Movies – (Ashleigh Lockton)

Ashleigh’s pitch outlines her intention to create a blog series that look at the implications of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) technology, specifically, the use of ‘Deepfake’ software in regards to celebrity porn videos. In my comment, I suggested limiting her research to the use of ‘Deepfake’ technology, focusing on its implications for journalism and video evidence credibility. Initially, my commenting approach was to provide encouragement about aspects of her pitch I enjoyed, however…

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Twitter Engagement Reflection

Blog Post 1: Twitter Engagement Reflection

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Over the past 6 weeks, my BCM325 ‘Future Cultures’ class has been engaging in live-tweeting sessions to screenings of science fiction films. This activity was my very first experience with Twitter, and admittedly, I found it quite challenging.

Through observing the tweeting trends on the #BCM324 hashtag, it seems as though there are two main approaches to successful live tweeting. The first and most common approach is aimed at engaging others through humour; this is done by drawing attention to scenes or aspects of the movie that are comical, controversial, peculiar or relatable. While I found this approach the least time-consuming, it’s not in my character to be overly quick-witted, so generally my ‘funny’ comments weren’t actually funny at all, and received few engagements. Using this approach, my most successful tweets were in relation to Maltesers and laziness. There were only one or two other ‘humorous’ tweets that received…

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BCM325 Pitch Assessment 2: Task 1

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With the Internet and technology fast becoming an integral part of our way of life, big data is coming in faster than we can process. For marketers, this presents an opportunity to reach consumers more easily, efficiently and effectively. With such rapid technological advancement, what impact will this have on marketing communications? My video series will develop a prediction about the potential future of marketing comms. This will be done by looking at (1) the history and evolution of marketing communications, (2) the relationship between technology and marketing; and (3) the portrayal of marketing and advertising in science-fiction films.

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