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The Twitter End


Writing this blog post is bitter-sweet. It serves as my final work towards my grade (yay!). But, it also means that one of my favourite subjects of all time is drawing to a close. Over the past 12 weeks, I have shared my experiences of various science fiction texts, live via myTwitter profile. I alreadyassessed my progresswith the earlier live-tweets and would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the more recent ones.

In my last post, I identified three key areas that I needed to improve in my live-tweets:

  • Using academic sources
  • Articulating my opinion
  • Engaging with circles outside of the 325 Feed

So, for live tweets 6-12, instead of going into the tweets with no material prepared, I started using a planning scaffold (which involved headings of each marking criteria for the tweets) and making one tweet for every 5 minutes of run…

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The Future is Now: The Future of the UOWDMS is in your hands


In 2020, I became the Marketing Coordinator for the UOW Digital Media Society. Through my work at the DMS, I have had to think like a Futurist to overcome the short-term barriers that might prevent the club from running in 2020-21. Below is an exhibition of the pastiche of online messages and content I produced to secure our short-term future. It is accompanied by a contextual essay that ultimately re-aligns the 5-Year Plan put forward by Callum Harvey, the Digital Media Society President in 2019 to better fit our current conditions.

Note: you will not be able to access the hyperlinks on the image version of the file. If you’d like to click the links throughout, please download the PDF.Also, the hyperlinks don’t open in new tabs – sorry!

Let me know what you think!


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Anything you can you we can do Beta


“Education is not the learning of facts, but teaching the mind how to think.”

Albert Einstein

There has been much frustration about the way that remote delivery of university subjects has been handled. Whether it be students who are not getting their perceived value out of their subjects, or overworked and underpaid teaching staff, everyone is exhausted. Because of this, how we learn and the methods that we have thought of as necessary to learn have come into question.

In this peculiar situation, is it enough to continue measuring learning by our ability to recall facts? Or, is it time to start teaching our minds to think like Futurists so that we are better able to adapt next time a situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic comes along?

After my experiences with remote learning, I favour the latter.

Critical Self Reflection

I must admit, after an exhausting 10 weeks and…

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Bigger and Beta


Professor Eleonora Barbieri Masini asserts that “ambitions of a desirable future are embedded in the social structure from which they emerge”. A statement which is inherently true of my work for the UOW Digital Media Society. Here, our desires emerge from a need to sustain ourselves as a club, so that we may continue serving the needs of all BCM students. Thus, our desirable future of longevity stems from the social structure of the university club system from which we emerged.

I am currently undertaking a digital artefact which is a pastiche of micro tasks that combine to serve the short-term goals of the Digital Media Society. Our short-term goals have rapidly shifted due to COVID-19, so we are focusing on recruiting new executives to secure our short term future; because without this process, the society’s longevity is not possible.Moreover, after considering the feedback on my Pitch, the comments…

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Live-action twitter


I’ve recently discovered that live-tweeting is a skill that takes precision, preparation and wit to master. Throughout the past 5 weeks, as part of BCM325, I have live-tweeted five science fiction films. It has been a very telling experience. The experience of viewing films I had never seen before, and simultaneously analysing, critiquing and theorising about them was a truly unique experience that has allowed me to reflect upon my skill as a communicator and academic.

What I did effectively throughout the live tweets was engage in conversations, analyse the film to drive conversation (by using rhetoric questions) and actively retweet and like others’ posts, rather than repeat their ideas. As an avid film lover and former English literature student, I found that my greatest asset was analysing what was happening on the screen. This led to many interesting conversations with my peers, where we theorised about the present, past…

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What COVID-19 has to do with Futures Studies


“The best way to predict the future is to to create it.” 

Abraham Lincoln

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Thinking about the future is a very odd experience. Especially in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. In mere months we have seen our lives completely change. We have seen technologies adapt and serve new purposes. We have seen entire industries shut down, while new ones emerge, and our ideas of work change. And it is this disruption that makes Futures Studies so important.

The ability to predict and plan for the future has made or broken companies. Examining current behaviours and using current technologies to model our short-term future have been integral. But, we are now entering the medium-term and will soon begin projecting long-term. The course of the future has been changed, and in fact has already begun to change, but how much of this change is irreversable? And will society…

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How to make your university club last past your graduation


“Business owners must try to adapt strategic choices to match the current internal organizational situation and external market conditions.”

McDowell, Harris and Geho, 2016, p. 1907

The UOW DMS has become an integral part of the Bachelor and Communications faculty at UOW. Whether it be through peer support, or supporting the faculty towards online learning on Discord due to COVID-19, the DMS ‘brand’ continues to work towards a better future for BCM graduates.

The society has a prominent role to play in transitioning students from their factory high school ideologies to creative, independent graduates. But first, it has to survive the departing of a majority of its founding members.

‘Brands’ notoriously have difficulty retaining interest over time (Preece et al. 2018, p. 331). And, this is especially true for niche-clubs as it is often difficult to replicate the Founders’ passion in new executives after Founders graduate.

Herein lies the…

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