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DA Contextual Essay: Once Upon A Time

By Jessica McVicar


‘Once Upon A Time’ is based around the speculation of the future evolution of storytelling mediums over the next 5, 10, and 15 years. My predictions are based around the developments of technology and how it will affect storytelling in the future.

I have also integrated science fiction references into my blogs. This was because ‘inspiration’ of the ideals of technology for the future is explored through these texts. Such a concept was explored in week 2’s lecture:

‘It is as science fiction, that many of our impressions of technology-aided desire and technology-driven anxiety are processed back into work of the imagination.”


Screenshot 2020-06-08 10.54.58

The body of my DA was presented through 3 separate blog posts found within my WordPress blog account.  These were individually based around the future development of storytelling within different time frames (5, 10, and 15 years). The first blog posted predicts the popularisation of…

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Live Tweeting Part 2

By Jessica McVicar

After my first live tweeting check-in (blog post), I realised I had particular areas I needed to keep moving forward with, as well as areas where I needed to work on. Some areas I identified as ‘successful’ included my commenting engagement and question-asking. Others, that I needed to work on, included my engagement with subject material and engagement with participants outside of BCM325. 

To continue stimulating conversations I used similar tactics that I had originally during the first half of the semester. Especially questioning, researching, humour and scene analysis. Though, this time I also attempted to link outside sources to my comments in order to offer knowledgeable feedback. 

Secondly, I continued to make it mandatory for myself to research the film before beginning my live-tweeting sessions. This involved generating several tweets beforehand to get a grasp of key themes before the movie began. This would make sure I was making…

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Beta Commentary

By Jessica McVicar

For my beta commentary assignment for BCM325, we needed to offer feedback to 3 of our peer’s beta posts. By doing so, I was able to assist in the development of their ideas along with gain new ideas for my own DA assignment.

The three reviews I conducted included:

Space Future

Brief Description: Samuel’s DA concept is based around the idea of the future of space and space exploration. He began the iteration of his DA on youtube but decided to start utilising TikTok as well. This decision was based on feedback he received from his pitch video. Samuel found that TikTok worked well with his DA as it fits into the SMART concept.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.08.15

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.08.23

Reflection: For Samuel’s comment I focused on discussing the benefit of integrating mediums to reach a wider audience. With this, I…

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BCM325 DA Beta

By Jessica McVicar

DA Link: Once Upon A Time

A week after submitting my Pitch I decided to change my DA concept.

Previously I was planning on analysing SciFi films in order to predict the future.

My new DA idea involves creating three blog posts and one final video essay to explore the potential possibilities of future technologies that will influence ‘storytelling.’

This will involve analysing:

  • Articles
  • Academic Studies
  • Reddit &  Twitter threads

As someone who enjoys interactive storytelling and was intrigued by the idea of VR storytelling development I decided this would be a more relevant topic to me.

I decided that structuring my study with 3 blog posts before finalising with a video essay would allow me to instigate conversation, thus, easily integrating new ideas explored through feedback in my final video essay.

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Live Tweeting: Assignment 1

By Jessica McVicar

I started BCM325, not going to lie, very hesitant about the live-tweeting element of the subject. During the first live screening of Metropolis, this quickly turned into enjoyment and throughout the last 6 weeks, I’ve developed an appreciation for the act. At first, I did find analysing, theorising, and keeping up with the films simultaneously, challenging. Though, reflecting back on today’s screening of Minority Report 2002, I’ve realised that I now find it less challenging to encode messages whilst providing feedback at the same time.  This is a vital tool as a communicator and I’m excited d to see this skill continue to develop during this session.

Over these first 6 weeks, I learnt that the most effective thing I could do was engage with my peers in conversation. This would allow us to feed off of each other’s ideas and grow our individual analysis’s. I  achieved this through retweeting…

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Pitch Comments

By Jessica McVicar

For my second assessment for BCM325, we were instructed to provide feedback to 3 of our peer’s pitch posts. This task allowed me to not only share my thoughts on their ideas but it also helped me stimulate different methodologies and critics to my own work.

The three reviews I conducted were to:

Tech Tok 

Brief Description: For Connor’s DA he is planning on creating 15-second videos on Tik Tok based around the topic of Artificial Intelligence. He will be researching the future of AI products, selecting relevant photos & videos, collecting important information, and posting on TikTok to reach his audience and gain feedback.

Comment:Screenshot 2020-04-10 12.46.49.pngReflection: In Connor’s pitch he inserted a production timeline (This was also done by Nicole in her ‘The future of Fashion’ Pitch post). After listening…

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DA PITCH: ‘This Was Predicted!’

By Jessica McVicar

For my DA I will be creating a series of blog posts (5 to be exact) where I speculate the future of online identity.

I will be analysing science fiction films that hold digital and futuristic themes. These analyses will be based on Week 2’s discussion on Science Fiction. The idea that


 Scifi is a combination of current/past conditions and imagined futures/ideas directed me to the hypothesis that maybe SciFi has the power to project potential futures. Especially in the technological world.

These analyses will be discussed in my blog posts and within videos embedded in the blogs. All arguments will be backed up by academic research and online articles.

I will also be using twitter to support my blog, engage with my audience, and create feedback loops.

“Identity will be the most valuable commodity in the future, and it will exist primarily online.” – Eric Schmidt (Google Chairman)


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