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The final part of it all: Digital artifact and Contextual Essay


For thirteen weeks, I have been working on a digital artefact titled: the future of online media. As the names suggests, it is an online WordPress blog that discusses different aspects of online media, what the culture is online, different aspects that have arose, and what is predicted from my standpoint to be the future of these trends. The blog itself featured three overall posts that discussed different topics of online media. This ranged from media companies and their influence online, the transition of television to the internet, and the influence AI has performed online.

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Just keep tweeting – Part 3


Continuing on from my previous comments starting week one for BCM325, I continued on my process to curate tweets about weekly film showings, as with Part 1, I shall collate some of my tweets by the weeks, and the second part shall be my reflection.

If you would like to see all my tweets, or follow me I’m @Jessica_Radic.


Week Eight: IRobot (2004)

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Change it, then give it a go: DA Beta


For my project, I directed a pitch, which can be viewed here. After the response from both my classmates and Chris, I decided to tweak my methodology, utility, and presentation.

The method changed from video format to blog format, I believed this would be much more effective, as well as following the FIST technique. The utility changed as well to involve more technological aspects of social media, discussing more the future of online media in certain areas.

I have shared my blog through twitter, received some traction, and even a comment from India, this can be attributed to tags and catergories.

I plan to release more blog posts, and share them through different platforms. A link to my DA can be found below:

Signing Out,


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In-class Live tweeting & self-reflection – Part 1


For the past three to four years, I have been a regular on Twitter, this either consists of engaging with my Bachelor degree and the various subjects, or for personal use where I would follow certain people and news events as they broke. However, this is the first time I have been asked to dissect and curate my tweets, giving a reflection on how I did in addressing the films as well as how I connected with others

This post will be split into two parts, the first being a curation of some of my tweets that show attempts at engagement and analysis, if you would like to see all my tweets, or follow me I’m @Jessica_Radic.

The second part shall be my reflection, as the first part shall deliver context.


Week One: Metropolis

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D.A Pitch: The future of Online Media


My Digital artefact is titled ‘The future of Online Media’. The intention is to record how different trends, creators, and look at the overall space of online media. I will focus solely on Youtube for the moment, and spread to other platforms. The aim inform people on the current state of online media and how different people or companies grow on these sites. The impact it will leave will help people of the future understand the trends of why certain events on these platforms happened. I intend to do short videos online, and create them using final cut pro.


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