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You Beta Check That

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Reviewing beta presentations on three completely different digital artefacts has brought logic and reasoning in reference to my suggestions and feedback, which I have provided. My contributions to each project aims to communicate any missing elements I believe would benefit the user, which their digital artefact targets, while also driving these projects with integrity and authenticity.


The first comment to be made can be found on Katrina Fahd’s blog where she investigates ways to address chronic illnesses to her online audience in the format of a blog, delivering stories of individuals and bringing these mental disorders into the spotlight. Her efforts so far consists of my own suggestions in exploring and contemplating on the future of help/support groups and the possible technologies which may arise in the healing process, as well as questioning life through asking “what if?” in a positive outlook rather than dwelling on the…

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This is only the Beginning: Live-Tweeting

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Learning from our previous live-tweeting sessions in class, I’ve come to realise the value of participating in real-time discussions on prevalent topics explored throughout each film. From these experiences and feedback from the initial reflection about live-tweeting I have made more of a conscious attempt in contributing links to further research on the topics being addressed by peers in the class.

In these rounds of live-tweeting I posed a number of insightful questions for readers to easily engage with, stimulating and provoking thought in ways which they might not have been able to deliver. The screenshots below provide an example of creating open-ended questions:

In this sense, I believe I possess the capability to engage with my audience providing a safe-space to address their own personal opinions on the topics of mental disease and family-related concerns in relation to the future of technology and its substituting role as a caretaker…

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Prospective Future: A Speculation on Logo Design

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Ever reimagined the future possibilities a company may make for their business? Look no further as my digital artefact produces just that!



A growing platform for sharing my personal speculations and outlook of logo designs on prominent businesses in varying industries. The utilisation of Instagram communicates the ideas sufficiently for the ordinary social media user.

Shifting from my previous idea, I have adapted my project to suit the core concept relating each artefact to be a product of investigation for the coming 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years.

This way, I am addressing the future in a honed narrative rather than a complex one, as mentioned in my first project iteration.

Here you can watch my beta project pitch:


Journal Article

Luffarelli, J. Stammatogiannakis, A. Yang, H. ‘The Visual Asymmetry Effect: An Interplay of Logo Design and Brand Personality on Bran Equity’, vol. 56, no.1, pp…

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Typography Design & The Future of Logo Branding

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The behaviour of brands are held by their typographic selection. My DA focuses on generating ideas for future businesses and brands to assist in their process of logo development stimulating their own perception of how they might want to portray their brand.

Visual language is perceived by consumers. With the correct typographic selection and graphic design solutions, brands can distinguish their identity in their respective future market.

For my digital artefact I will be exploring the influence of typography in branding through logos, achieved by remixing and appropriating contemporary brands altering their initial appearance, replacing brand names with their chosen fonts.

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