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BCM future studies- 3 Peer comments

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I commented on three of my fellow BCM future studies classmates beta videos with my own feedback and suggestions.

Steph jory’s beta video discussed her DA about the current state of retail, both in person and online, with a larger focused of the two being placed on online retail and the recent explosion the industry has had in recent years, she is creating three posts on wordpress, the first two had already been written and the last one is being created. Going into these three peer comments i wanted to open with a what i like about the DA, while i did do that last time with the pitches, the opening sentences were far too short and one post did only had one line of what I liked, in my second paragraph I had a suggested doing a case study for the last blog post, I argued that having a…

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BCM Future studies, Live tweeting

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Live tweeting for me has been a unique but challenging experience commenting on varies different sci fi films really gave my a new found appreciation of the creativity and thought these directors and writers had when depicting themes of the future and technology, some outlandish and others seemed worrinly accurate, seeing a rapidly expanding chain of ideas and comments about a film was almost a surreal experience, as classmates commented a explained their views on different scenes through each movie you begin to get a glimpse of a person’s train of thought in real time.

Week 6

In week 6 due the cost of Blade runner 2046, i had to comment on the film interstellar, i found the movie really captivating, especially with an introduction that took no time in bringing the viewer start into the actually without proper introductions, my tweeting however did not get any attention, likely because…

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By jordan arlenghi

My beta video –

Hi, this is my beta video for my medical robot D A, the video will be showing my original idea, timeline, feedback and changes made along the way. The initial idea was to 3D model and animate and robot or autonomous machine to carry out medical procedures in the far future roughly 50 years or so. The model would be a work in progress, updated weekly with a complimentary blog of about 250 words on WordPress, where I detail the research that was used to influence the design and functionality of the robot and where users could provide constructive criticism to help improve future renditions of the robot. The end report would include my finished robot along with a conclusion slash discussion on the journey of the d a and what I learned from the process.

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The weekly live tweeting exercise wasn’t something I had experienced before, and I found it at times both overwhelming but exciting. I should preface that I haven’t used a lot of Twitter in my spare time and haven’t engaged with the Twitter community in a scale like this scale before, having both a movie running alongside a constantly updating and fast paced wall of content was daunting, adding my own tweets to this constant information flood made me feel insecure about the quality of my tweets even if I personally believed they were informative or interesting. As all movies featured in the last 5 weeks were very action and spectacle orientated, it felt as though the films were expecting as much attention from me as I was expecting from my fellow BCM 325 Twitter users.

In the first few weeks my tweets did…

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Peer comments BCM:325

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Here are links to all three student pitches discussed

Grace Mary-

Hayden Curley-

Bella Creswick-

By jordan arlenghi

I commented on three very different pitch presentations to help provide constructive criticism and a outside perspective, I tried to center each reply around what I thought was significant about their project, a source that they could use, a description on the source and my own recommendation. All pitches already had been commented on so I tried to keep my replies useful to each person by discussing something that wasn’t already mention in previous replies.

This was Grace Mary’s blog about fast fashion, she intends to make three video essays analyzing the near and middle and far futures of the industry with a case study on one of the biggest contributors to fast fashion, the brand SHEIN. In…

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