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Live Tweeting Reflection 2

Kara Stanley

In refection since week 6 and linking back to my original live tweeting reflection, I have still struggled slightly to embrace the sci-fi world for all that it is. As stated previously, Sci-fi is not my first genre choice when it comes to watching films, in fact it Is probably a genre I tend to steer away from. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate Sci-fi films as I definitely do and I have appreciated the films watched from week 6 onwards, even if at times I have struggled to enjoy moments, or films themselves.

So this is what my live tweeting as looked like since I visited this last in my blog for my first live tweeting post.

I have still been doing some prior research to the streaming of the film and linking articles I find intriguing and think my classmates will find interesting too.

I also…

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Peer commentary part 2

Kara Stanley

I really enjoyed the beta videos and having a look at everyone’s progress so far. With DA’s moving into their final stages, feedback is as crucial as that at the start of our projects. Feedback in this subject has helped me improve my work quality, influenced my content and research decisions moving forward and I hope I can provide the same for my fellow classmates who are after some feedback.

Comment 1: Social Media vs the film industry.

Misha’s presentation portrayed her digital artifact clearly. The slides were concise and she spoke in a clear tone which made for a more engaging beta presentation. I think it was important how Misha’s opened her presentation with the concept changes her DA has gone through to get straight to the point. She followed this by responding to the feedback she has received so far. I think this sets the tone for the…

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Kara Stanley

Continuing on with my DA I present my Beta. My DA has been through some changes since my pitch as I have worked out what works for my DA and what doesn’t. I have incorporated some new ideas and methods of securing engagement with my video essays posted onto YouTube. I have created an Instagram account where I will post my research and findings on. On Instagram I will share my YouTube video links. Which I will re-post in a couple days once I will I will have more engagement due to my new Instagram account. By final submission I plan to have 3 video essays posted to YouTube which includes a walkthrough of my three favourite clothing sites assisting viewers in better navigating the sustainable fashion options and just what these brands are doing for the future of our environment. What exactly are their plans. I will be focusing…

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Live Tweeting Reflection

Kara Stanley

In reflection of the live tweeting, I have found it at times to be a bit of a challenge. Sci-fi is not my first genre choice when it comes to watching films, in fact it Is probably a genre I tend to steer away from. Why? maybe I haven’t found a sci-fi movie yet that I absolutely love. Or maybe I have and I don’t count them as straight sci-fi? In reflection of this I read Empire online’s, “The 50 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time” because I wanted to note down the sci fi movies on the list that I have watched. Then reflect on how much I enjoyed them. I thought to myself that perhaps this will positively impact my live tweeting and movie experience during the semester.

The Movies on the list I have seen:

  • 43) Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004) – LOVE it
  • 34)…

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Peer Pitch Commentary

Kara Stanley

I really enjoyed everyone’s pitches and giving my thoughts on different viewpoints!

Comment One: My first comment was on, The Future of “Dead” Media. specifically analogue photography. Jess is intending to use TikTok as her chosen platform which I think is a great choice given her audience is Gen-Z. I think the specific subcultures that Jess will be focusing on (Cottagcore, Soft boi, Vsco Girl, and dispo boy) are reflective of the chosen media. In my comments to Jess I talk about the aesthetic of using film photography on tiktok and what I have found in my experience viewing these genre of videos. I linked her to a tiktok I viewed recently of a photographer shooting with expired film. I also mentioned the use of music. I felt that Jess might find this inspiring for her own work and perhaps it might give her some ideas. Secondly, I also…

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‘The Pitch’

Kara Stanley

The concept for my DA is the future of sustainable fashion and how online fashion retailers are changing to include more ethical fashion options. How exactly do these fashion retailers advertise these sustainable options on their website and social media accounts? Do they also offer sustainable packaging? These are the focus questions of my DA. I will produce 3 video essays posted on Youtube. I wanted to be creative and have a visual focus on my DA which is why I have decided to conduct video essays. I think the use of lots of visuals is important for my DA and audience as I am focusing on online retailer sites thus visuals are important. I also want my audience to be able to access the sustainable options of online retailers with ease so I want to take them through this process in my videos.

Production Timeline


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