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A little birdie told me p.t. 2

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Week 6- Robot and Frank (2012)

Week 8 – Arrival (2016)

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A Little Birdie Told Me…

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Throughout my first experience of live tweeting, I have certainly improved with the type of content I talk about and how to effectively analyse within the twitter platform.

In week one, I started with my live tweeting session of 2001: the space odyssey. This certainly was an interesting movie to start with, my content I produced was mainly meme like analysis along with some interactions with my class, with twitter threads, seen in the tweet “when your just waiting for the plot to actually start”, which references the long into to the movie as there is little dialogue.

In week two, the live tweeting of Westworld (1978), became more conversational, that’s for sure. Whilst live tweeting I was focusing on having more conversation and debates with my peers. As well as talking about content that analysed the movie with the lecture material. For example, the tweet ‘little did they…

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Feedback Time

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In this post, I will be talking about how I gave my peer review along with how reviewing my peers’ pitches has allowed me to improve on my own DA.

Audio Script:

Whilst reviewing my peers’ pitches for their DA I gave my feedback which might not be much I feel is effective. Instead of picking through the whole pitch and DA saying they did good in this area and their research is relevant for this DA, I decided to format my comments to provide some interesting topics and articles which are relevant within their DA, I find this helpful as it can give them access to more information for their DA.

To start off I would give them my first thought on their project, followed by a statement that would tie my interest in their topic, then I would get down to the feedback. I decided to give feedback…

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Highway to the Future

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I created this timeline to be realistic on myself and to allow myself to appropriately research for each blog post. Posting every second week enables me to complete in-depth primary and secondary research for each post and to allow myself to revise after each post and to see what more I can be adding. I’ve given myself Week 11 to revise the blog series, revisit the feedback, and edit the posts before final submission in Week 12.


Global Electric Vehical Market 2021:

History of Electric Cars:,an%20English%20inventor%20in%201884.

Rising Fuel Costs Pushing Motorists to Consider Electric Cars:

BMW’s Concept Car:


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