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BETA BCM325 – The Future of Travel

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I found it hard looking for a pathway with this concept, not much interest and time management the plan changed a bit. I believe I’m still scattered on what direction to take as there are lots of possibilities. I see travelling as part of my career and I’m intrigued about the future environment of our planet.

I am focusing my DA on future travel, what’s changed or new innovations. Since the pitch, I have posted on WordPress and TikTok as I thought they were efficient for my content but not much interaction has succeeded. There is plenty of competition of this topic in the media so to be unique is rare, Tiktok has the potential for exposure and feedback.

One of my Tiktoks reached 600 views and 7 likes but not an average and only few likes on my blog posts, this may be the case from inconsistent posting or…

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Bcm325 – Part 2. Tweeting Summary

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The four movie screenings were a new experience looking into the past creations of future perception. I found it a bit hard to tweet about Sci fi type films as I’m not interested or educated on them. My intention was to be consistent and post relative thoughts and references. I criticise the films directive technique such as soundtrack and camera angles as well as visual representation of the future environment. What do these futuristic films indicate? I’ve learnt that today, a past future, was predicted somewhat correct, but can’t comprehend in the last century how we could be so knowledgeable to predict such a technological or utopian world, which makes me think these films must represent a dream or hope for future. Some screenings were more enjoyable and understandable for me but I have learnt they have a similar representation of THE future world that…

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BCM325 – Peer Reflection!

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COMMENTS: (2 of my assigned people didn’t have links up in time so I picked the 2 above them)

Elissa Rhodes – Future of sporting

Elissa is creating a research project of Sports media on Youtube involving the history of the Olympic Games. Short videos holds viewers attention from visual with this purpose of being educational. Recently I have learnt analytics is important for knowledge of strategies and audience behaviour to access direction to go project content, also applying to reflect on online companies, how they present sport events. I’ve seen sporting podcasts are popular today reviewing or updates on live games. Sports is becoming more evident on social media not just TV with campaigns, betting and competitions held at entertainment venues allowing for powerful engagement.

Lydia McGahey – Environmentally friendly

Environmental conversation is all over the internet and I believe more people should be passionate about it…

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Bcm325: The Pitch

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  • What it looks like post Covid? There are concerns of how the economy will look, there is a reality of an ‘on/off’ economy.

  • Guide on where to go and what to do – the experience now is more important than the destination.

  • Being environmentally friendly – futuristic money, futuristic cars

  • Virtual Travel… how?

Can you imagine going anywhere, anytime with friends and family but not physical travelling; no emissions, no crowded places, not just a live streams. Already they are saying international travel may be allowed at the end of the year considering the Covid vaccine goes ahead. What does this mean for the tourism industry? A new opportunity, a new experience.

I have never thought deeply about the Future, maybe I don’t want to put a timeline on anything as they could change anytime, as we’ve seen in the past year. Of course I have goals…

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