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Hi, I’m Katrina! I am currently studying at University of Wollongong doing a double degree in Communication and Media Studies/ Commerce, which I hope to finish by 2020. This blog is being mainly used for my Communication and Media Studies courses for the moment but who knows what will happen in the future, I may start using it in my professional and daily life. Uncertainty will probably be my demise

Chronic Illness Stories – the finale or is it?

Work in progress

First starting what my project is now called ‘Chronic Illness Stories’ + Facebook groups, I had not a very clear idea in mind with what I wanted to do, all I knew I wanted to do was to rant about everyday things. The feedback I received was needed as I could tell I was not really excited about the idea of doing a podcast but could see the potential in online communities.

With that idea in mind, I created 2 Facebook groups, ‘Sounds like a weirdly specific medical question but ok’ and ‘Don’t get me started’, while also creating my main project idea of ‘Chronic Illness Stories’. There was not a lot of public feedback as I hadn’t prototyped ‘Chronic Illness Stories’ at the time, but I decided to start the blog because of the survey I conducted, a lot of people actually…

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You are all lucky I’m a Libra so I can give your projects insights*.

Work in progress

*Insights may not be that great

I was happy to actually review 2 projects that I’ve reviewed before, starting with:
Ciara – As mentioned in my previous post, I still feel YouTube would be highly valuable for this project just to show examples of what her and her husband are talking about. SoundCloud is still good and I quite enjoyed her little snippet.

I’m unsure as to why she is only doing 3 episodes as the topic of designer babies is a lot to talk about which I feel would lead to various episodes as people would comment their own opinions and she could address them in another episode. The episodes she has created so far I think are interesting as she is choosing real life cases. Choosing the title I feel was also a smart move as people will automatically know what the podcast will be about and…

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Yep, I still don’t really enjoy Tweeting.

Work in progress

As mentioned in my other post, I don’t enjoy tweeting and I still don’t but here we are. I now realise I should probably do this self-evaluation weekly instead of leaving it to the last minute trying to find all of my tweets.

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Week 8 – I, Robot
I can tell you now, I was disappointed when I thought we were watching ‘Meet Dave’ instead of ‘I, Robot’ but alas – I’m happy I finally watched this movie.

Myself and others explored why AI voices are mostly more feminine and also why Google thought I was trying to Google female related issues (which I’m glad other people also thought it was funny).

Week 9 – Robot and Frank
This is when I think others and I found out this subject really liked showing us…

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Chronic Illness support – a project

Work in progress

People are now finding it harder to access the pain medication they need – which they are then are supplemented on other medication which do them more harm than good or are not allowed any medication at all.

One person’s thought on the Government

The Government feel there is a major concern about pain medication due to the number of codeine related deaths. They do not take in consideration that people are actually suffering due to their actions, while yes I agree there needs to be more restrictions, this isn’t the way to do it.

A person’s opinion on her current doctor – they are too scared to provide the medication they need.

Disclaimer: Due to the privacy concerns, I will not be posting where I got people’s opinions from as I do not want to cause any traffic nor do I want to publicise the people.


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I guess I’ll tweet if I have to.

Work in progress

Honestly, I don’t really like tweeting and I think that’s due to the lack of engagement I receive on Twitter but I probably wouldn’t be using Twitter if I didn’t have to because of BCM.

In this blog post, I’ll be going through my tweet that I have made each week for BCM325 and reflecting on just a handful, if you would like to view all of my tweets and interactions, please follow @katrinie_weenie on Twitter.

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50 Retweets to make this happen 🙏 #bcm325
— Katrinie Weenie 🐝 (@katrinie_weenie) March 7, 2019

Fun fact: when films were made in black and white, the makeup was really heavy and in weird colours. essentially everyone would have looked green
— Katrinie Weenie 🐝 (@katrinie_weenie) March 7, 2019

My Libra sun trying to…

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1 comment 2 comment red comment blue comment

Work in progress

Another assignment that requires commenting – but for once, I found it quite useful.

Rebecca’s project – she had an idea that she wanted to create a safer community for women but was not able to give a clear path on how she wanted to achieve her end goal of providing an app for women’s safety. To which, I advised that while still aiming to eventually create an app (or partner with the UOW safety app as suggested by other people), we all seemed to come to the consensus of creating a community on Facebook would be the best way to get things started. I do think I should have provided some articles explaining how creating a community on Facebook can be beneficial.

Rebecca Fuller’s Pitch comment

By offering this advice, I can now see that I should implement this into my own DA as I feel like finding a…

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Don’t Get Me Started – Project Pitch

Don’t Get Me Started – Pitch

Work in progress

As a sufferer from chronic pain, I find myself going to various doctor appointments and I get told the same thing or I’m not taken seriously. This can get quite frustrating where I’ll either bottle it up or tell the same people which in turn I feel I am annoying them . This podcast will be a way for myself and others have a safe outlet to express our frustrations or concerns, this will help with my mental health (and others)(, n.d.). It is said that recognising your concerns or symptoms can help treatment and keep yourself in control when visiting a mental health practitioner (Frank and Frank, 1993).

*sorry for the sniffles, I’m sick*


Frank, J. and Frank, J. (1993). Persuasion and Healing. 3rd ed. Johns Hopkins U.P., pp.46, 49-50.

Healthdirect. (2018). How to talk about your mental health concerns. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17…

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