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A bit of Context

Blabbering On

My digital artefact, which can be found here, analyses the future possibilities of sports games and their relationship with physical sports. Originally, this was intended to be done through a series of video essays on YouTube, but after reflection and viewing others work, I decided to change my platform to a website to allow for much more interactivity and utility. The site, which uses WordPress, includes a context page which explains key terms and the process of developing the website, as well as three small essays examining the financial relationship between sporting games and physical sports, the use of sporting games as training guides, and the future changes to the gaming experience.

The website addresses the future quite strongly, as it is a key theme in the concepts and topics discussed. The topics of the three essays are all based on discussing changes that may or will occur in…

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Write a Comment…

Blabbering On

Commenting on other people’s posts has been a challenging yet useful experience for me this semester. While I struggled to critique others work, even if it is beneficial, it allowed me to reflect on my own work and understand what does and doesn’t work well. While reviewing Ijumaa, Vilde and Trang’s work, I was able to see similarities in my work, as well as take away ideas that I can incorporate.

Ijumaa’s EP

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 9.26.11 pm.png
Ijumaa‘s work is an EP of alternative hip-hop music set to encourage reflection about the future through its calming tone and meaningful lyrics. While this is an unknown area to me, all of the key terms were explained well enough that I could grasp the concepts and ideas. I did recommend some in-depth explanations in the contextual essay though, as it would allow for greater understanding. I believe that such a different and interesting idea is commendable…

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Tweet all About it

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The live streamings have drawn to a close for the semester, and that means so does the Tweets. It’s been an interesting experience that I feel I’ve learnt a lot from, though if I was to do the process again, which maybe one day I will, then there are still things I’d improve on.



This tweet is part of a thread conversation with a peer, in which we discussed the idea of consenting to holographic recreations. This kind of conversations was something that I lacked in the first half of the semester…

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Just Keeps Getting ‘Beta’

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At a basic level, not much has changed about my visual essay. It is still the same style and format that I originally planned, with the same fundamental topics and ideas.

There are minor areas that did change though. The biggest change was a few more specifications, such as dropping the term “e-sports” and clarifying my topic more.

The other change was setting time constraints of 3.5 to 5 minutes per video, with 4 videos in total. This enables me to have a better grasp of my DA and plan better.

Both of these were things mentioned in my pitch comments that I took on board and found useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have any public feedback yet, but this is my next challenge to tackle.

My progress so far can also be seen in my first visual essay, published here.

Overall I’m happy with my progress, but there’s plenty…

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The Rollercoaster that is Live Tweeting a Film

Blabbering On

The task of live-tweeting films this semester is one that I found both enjoyable and challenging. It was my first time doing so and I feel like that shows. As evident in the below tweets, I learnt a lot about appealing to an audience, asking questions and engaging in conversations with others. Over the first few weeks, I struggled with following the film and coming up with creative tweets, but I feel as if this became easier with practice. I was absent in week 6, so there are no tweets from this week, but I’m looking forward to putting this analysis into place in my future tweets.

This tweet was definitely the one which was most engaged in, with 34 likes and 12 retweets. I…

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Read, Comment, Reflect

Blabbering On

Providing feedback to my peers has always been a weakness of mine. There are so many balances to get right, and this time I think I did well, but there’s always room for improvement.

My biggest difficulty with commenting on people’s DA pitches was finding that balance between positive feedback and advice. I feel somewhat guilty or bad when I provide constructive feedback, even though I know that it’s an important aspect for improvement. I think because of this I tend to lean more to positive comments.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 9.25.53 amMy comment on Olivia’s DA Pitch

Pitch 1: Olivia’s Vector Art

I found this pitch quite interesting to read and research, as it’s something that I’ve never heard of before.

A continuation of past DA, Olivia pitches the idea of reimaging iconic movie posters into Vector Art. These artworks, which are made using mathematical equations, will be posted on Instagram and sold on…

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Digital Artefact Pitch: E-Sports

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As of 2018, E-Sports is a $1.5 billion global industry, which is projected to grow as much as 50 per cent by 2020.

So for this digital artefact, I’m aiming to look at the changes to E-Sports and their relationship with physical sports over the next 5, 10 and 15 years.

Because E-Sports is a broad term, I’ll be narrowing this down to games about physical sports, such as FIFA, NBA and NFL. As this is a very physical and visual topic, I feel that it needs a visual medium, and this I’ll be doing a series of visual essays on a variety of topics.

I will be posting these videos on Youtube and gaining an audience through sharing on social media and using specific hashtags relevant to specific topics and/or games.

This topic is one that is relevant due to rapid changes in technology and gaming, which can be…

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