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AI In The Fashion Industry – Contextual Essay

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Over the course of this semester, I have had the ability to build my understanding of what the future holds for us. My digital artefact allowed me to combine my interest in fashion and my curiosity for the future and compose my own research on the chosen topic.

My digital artefact explores the factors driving clothing brands to introduce artificial intelligence into their online business growth. Being a marketing major, I feel it’s important for me to expand my knowledge of the marketing world and understand how brands are looking to change in the future. My digital artefact acts as an online research report that will allow a public audience to gain knowledge about practices based on the research I conducted. By incorporating current examples of brands such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Google and Pinterest into my research, I hope to provide enough reliable information for a future…

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Tweeting & Engaging – Part II

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Hi, it’s me again!

As per my first blog post about my experiences live-tweeting in my BCM325 class, it’s only fair to take into consideration the feedback I had been given about my reflection. Live-tweeting over the past 12 weeks now has enabled me to engage a whole lot more than I expected with sci-fi movies I’ve never seen before. Between weeks 8 – 12, we watched films that explored more modern views of the future! These were; I-Robot (2004), Robot and Frank (2012), Marjorie Prime (2017), Blade Runner (2049) and The Matrix (1999).

Based on the feedback I was provided from my previous reflection, it was suggested that I pre-write my tweets, drawing in on research early enough to come into the live-tweeting for the week. Doing this, I was able to not only view more of the film but find different areas to research…

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Reflect & Construct – Part II

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Hi, it’s me again.

As I discussed in my first reflection post, feedback is important to provide a foundation for new ideas research and project construction. This blog post follows on this idea but focuses on the middle to final stages of my classmate’s digital artefacts. Engaging with their BETA presentations, I have been able to draw conclusions on how they intend on completing their final works on a variety of topics.

Designer BabiesMary-Lou Godfrey

Mary-Lou is looking at the future of genetic modification from human reproductive cells and how medicine may be able to allow families to choose the type of genes their children will acquire. It’s an interesting topic as medicine is continually growing with technology and although it seems sci-fiction right now, I engaged with her idea a lot more than I expected.

In terms of her BETA update, Mary-Lou is looking to curate a…

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Fashion and AI – A BETA Research Update

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Hi guys and welcome back.

So far not a whole lot has changed in terms of the concept of my final digital artefact piece. However, based on feedback from my peers I have decided to construct a final blog post instead of a Prezi to present my research.

I have also begun collecting data via my personal Instagram account as I stated in my pitch. I received a tonne of positive responses included feedback from a professional perspective from an individual working in trend forecasting for a clothing brand.

Overall, I’ve found a tonne of new research and decided to focus solely on the technological and environmental factors of AI in the industry. I think it will allow me to narrow down my research and look at the opportunities and challenges looking innovatively into the future.

Resources discussed:

C. Welch, 2018, ‘Amazon’s Echo Look fashion camera is now available…

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Reflect & Construct

The Living Post

Hi and welcome back.

To me, feedback and reflection play a significant role in the ways I further my interest in the media industry. This blog post provides a collection of feedback I have given to 3 of my fellow classmates of BCM325 this semester. After reading and listening to their pitches for the final Digital Artefact this semester, I have been able to engage with their ideas and construct feedback I believe could help to further their research and construct a comprehensive final result.

Future of Leisure & Fitness  – Allanah Johnson

Allanah is looking at the concept where modern technology meets fitness, wellbeing and leisure audiences. She wants to provide hikers and walkers information on places they might like to visit through video documentation. As well as providing information about the places she visits, she also wants to look closely at the environmental factors and where national parks…

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Tweeting & Engaging – Part I

The Living Post

Prior to attending my first BCM325 seminar, I had no idea what the concept of live-  tweeting was. As a marketing major, I wasn’t completely aware that live-tweeting played such an important role in this subject but over the past 6 weeks. I found that is such a prominent and interesting tool for learning. This blog post will be a small analysis of the ways I interacted with my classmates via Twitter as we review and construct six films such as; Metropolis (Lang, 1927), A Space Odyssey (Kubrick 1968), West World (1978),  Blade Runner (1982) and Ghost in the Shell (1996).

As my live-tweeting skills were very beginner during week one, I decided to follow the crowd and find the facts about the film we were watching. I figured that if I did some research I would be able to grasp a flow of how to keep up with…

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BCM325 – Task 2 Part 1

The Living Post

Hi guys, my digital artefact for BCM325 this semester will focus on the exploration of the integration of artificial intelligence into the fashion industry. Looking 10 to 20 years down the track and reflecting on what is being introduced now, my artefact will discuss the ways companies are looking at using consumer insights and artificial intelligence to improve the industry as a whole.

Constructed into a final Prezi slide show, I intend on gathering a large collection of data through surveys via social media and combining resources that audiences can utilise for future reference and analysis.


CB Insights Research, 2018) ‘The Future Of Fashion: From Design To Merchandising, How Tech Is Reshaping The Industry’, Online article [Accessed 22 Mar. 2019].

S. Kellet, 2018 ‘How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Online Fashion Retail in 2019′ Online article,, November 29, 2018           …

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