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Contextual Essay

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For my Digital Artefact, I decided to write a series of weekly blog posts discussing the future of the video game industry, technology, and culture. The goal was to write one blog post a week on a differing topic of interest, with each post being roughly 500 to 800 words in length and were to be uploaded every Sunday.

I’ve always had an interest in video game culture, and seeing as how gaming is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment media, I thought that it would be interesting to investigate where the future of the industry might be headed.

Although I knew what I wanted to do for my DA, I wasn’t sure what medium I was going to use until I discovered a past students Digital Artefact, in which she wrote several blog posts investigating the future of food and agriculture, and decided…

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Live-Tweeting Summary #2

Lani's A Blogger Now

My system forlive-tweetingin this subject hasn’t changed too much since my previous summary. I continued to draft tweets several days before live-tweeting. Not only did this give me more time to find engaging sources, but allowed me to spend more time interacting with other students tweets, as well as enabling me to focus more intently on the film for my analysis.

The first thing that I improved upon was my inclusion of tweets concerning and linking to academic references. While at times, it was difficult to find articles that related directly to each weekly topic, I feel that I found several that provide an interesting read. These tweets often didn’t get a lot of interaction, however. I believe that this was due mainly to how I would caption these tweets. Usually, I would explain what the article was about, which is admittedly pretty bland. Instead, I should have…

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Beta Peer Review And Feedback

Lani's A Blogger Now

When finding blog posts to comment on, I selected Betas that didn’t have any feedback yet. The goal in this was to provide students with feedback as quickly as possible, in case they hadn’t received much this semester. In doing so, I stumbled upon three digital artefacts that resonated with me, and that I really enjoyed looking into.

Comment #1: Chris Comino

Chris’s DA was especially interesting to me as we were both focusing on the same topic for our digital artefact. The difference between them is that while I’m writing blog posts, he’s presenting his in Podcast form on Soundcloud. He said in his presentation video that he has fallen behind schedule and so far had only been able to upload one podcast episode. Because of this, I decided to prioritise how he could improve id DA in my feedback. I also wanted to avoid getting too critical, considering…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Beta

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Thisdigital artefactis for both BCM112 (Emergent Media) and BCM325 (Future Cultures). In an attempt to avoid overcomplicating my DA, I’m now worried that I may have oversimplified it. My biggest issue with my DA is the total lack of user feedback I have received. So I’m not quite sure how to improve upon my digital artefact.

My plan for now is to continue prototyping my blog posts, and attempt to draw more attention towards my DA, and incorporate any feedback I receive.

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Live Tweeting Summary

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While reflecting on my live tweets for this subject, I noticed that I’ve slowly developed a formula for how to curate my tweets.

Each week I would try to prepare my tweets one or two days in advance to the screening (excluding week five, of which I still thought was on Johnny Mnemonic until ten minutes before screening), which made it easier to interact with my peers. Once we started watching from home, I began to attempt watching the films the night before, as I actually hadn’t seen many of these and wanted a clearer understanding of the themes beforehand. This helped to come up with tweets interpreting the issues and topics of each movie.

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DA Pitch Feedback

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The pitches that I was assigned were all completely different from one another; each is looking at various topics and using different platforms and types of media. When writing feedback, I attempted to be encouraging while providing constructive criticism and used these three Digital Artefacts to consider how I could improve my own.

Comment #1: Dayle Beazley

It was hard to give Dayle Feedback, because as far as I could see, she’s already thought of everything. Dayle has planned to write 3 blog posts discussing how the COVID-19 outbreak will affect the careers of freelance writers. Her pitch was very meticulous and gave me a clear understanding of what her action plan is. Comparing her pitch to mine, it made me realise that my own pitch was not as clear and detailed as it could have been.

Comment #2: Jamie Byers

Jamie’s DA is a Podcast addressing future cultures and…

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Digital Artefact – The Future Of Video Games

So for my digital artefact this session, I have decided to write a blog about where video game culture and game development is heading in the future.

The current goal is to upload a post about a specific game-related topic each Sunday. However, I’m keeping this goal relatively loose for now, until I get a better understanding of how long these posts end up becoming. I’m not sure how in-depth I want to be, and this may take some trial and error. This also means that my schedule for weekly uploads my be subject to change.

For now, I will post on this WordPress account, but if it begins to feel too messy or cluttered, I’ll create a separate blog solely for my Digital Artefact.