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Reflection on Peer Comments A1 P2




Elise has decided to change her idea from her pitch and choose the future of art in the next 20 years, regarding the new art forms, styles and trends that may arise as well as the possible changes in how we view and access art. She has chosen to create 6 blog posts addressing various aspects of art in the future.

Critical self-reflection

I believe I gave some very useful advice from an outsider’s perspective. The two main points I put across included the need to exclude the use of BCM325 in her posts in order for her to use them in professional personal business manner later down the track. Furthermore, I advised her that using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook will not only create opportunities for a larger audience but will be a place where viewers can access links to her blog posts.


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From week 6 to week 12 we were fortunate enough to study some incredible movies that expanded our knowledge on future cultures. Interacting with tweets that my classmates shared throughout the screening allowed me to learn from a different perspective and build on new ideas. taking onboard the feedback i was given previously, I learned to expand on my interaction with other students further. I implemented further research this time by supporting my tweets with links to interesting news articles, quizzes and reading from our subject material that related to the screening. Below I have selected a variety of tweets that demonstrate my learning, my engagement with others and my contribution to the screenings each week.


The movies that have been selected in class were so captivating…

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My project is to look at the future of online dating and how I want to improve the security and safety when talking and meeting people, encouraging spontaneity by going beyond swiping and chatting behind our mobile-phones. ​

​How it works

When creating your online profile, each user will have to share three forms of id. This is where the app will keep track of each user, in hope to eliminate current issues such as cat-fishing and lying. ​

Regarding avoiding danger in person, we will partner with trendy bars & venues which people can post and plan to meet up with a user at a certain time. It’s safe because it’s a venue with security, it’s trendy because it’s curated to only the coolest bars and venues and there’s no pressure. Measures will be in place to protect users.  


Extra Research

Another scholarly article Published in the

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Learning Assessment Task 1. Part 1.


Critical Reflection of My Comments Blog 1

During the process of creating our Digital Artefacts, I am to touch on 3 of my peer’s pitches and give constructive feedback on their process so far. From an outsider’s perspective I hope to give them fresh and relative ideas as well as help with their development. I will attempt to suggest resources that I have come across in regards to their idea. I also look forward to hearing feedback from my pitch, allowing us to create a dynamic feedback loop throughout this Digital Artefact.


I wrote my first feedback comment on Jett Townsend’s pitch – The Future of Music Streaming – BCM325. This project will be in the form of a TikTok series focusing specifically on the future of the music streaming industry. He plans to create 6 separate videos covering streaming services and piracy. In my first comment…

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