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Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently living in Wollongong, Australia, where she studies Communications and Media. Likes to call the world home. Writes about Latin America on Twitter: @leilamaciel20 Instagram: @mirameproject

Mira.Me project: looking at the future from the present

Upside Down

“The future is now”. That is exactly what my DA is all about. In times when the future has never been so uncertain and everything is changing day-by-day, looking into the present was the way I found to reflect on my future – and also keep a record of how the pandemic evolved here and in South America over the weeks.

We learnt throughout the session that futurists “analyse data from the past to offer predictions to the future”, and I believe the “Quarantine diaries” series can be important in the long-term future as historical documentation of this period of the pandemic. Right now, predictions point that Brazil could surpass the United States in the number of coronavirus deaths by the end of July. It is the country that is dealing the worse with the pandemic situation and it will definitely be in the history books for that. So, in…

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DA Beta: Talking about the present to think about the future

Upside Down

I decided to change my original idea of UOW Creative and use a Quarantine Diaries series I’m posting on myproject as my DA. I believe talking about this present moment is also a way to think about what we want for our future.

There are already 6 posts up of this series (including 2 IGTV videos, 1 blog text link and a series of 3 self-portraits) and I’m constantly adapting the content as to what I see gets more engagement. For the next weeks my plan is:

  • Week 9: 3 Stories of international students living in Australia (Already have the interviews and pictures)
  • Week 10: Finish the series about Bolivia (that was actually planned before the pandemic but doesn’t have to do with this assessment)
  • Week 11: 3 personal stories from myself (my mum as a health worker, my relationship to my home and my relationship to Wollongong)
  • Week…

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