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The Virtual Reality Rise Contextual Report

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As someone who has always been interested in Virtual Reality and the trajectory path that technology is on, this idea for my Digital Artefact came naturally and quite quickly in the early stages of the semester. One thing that has limited myself in this assessment is not sticking to my project timeline, I had plans to weekly blog from week 10-onwards on my development however could not even post one blog.

I shot myself in the foot by not doing this as now I only can rely on Reddit for feedback on my work. I looked at a lot of background sources when it came to my research in order to get the most professional takes possible in my video essay. These were all focused around the 4 headings in my video essay, education, surgery, fitness and e-commerce. A reference list will be provided at the conclusion of this post…

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Peer Engagement! Post C

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Comment 1: Hussein Hijazi

A recommendation of an iteration in Hussein’s project that I would like to see was for him to reach out to graduated students about their lives after grad! His DA focuses on breaking down the stigma of having to go straight into employment right after you graduate. So I thought it would be interesting to organise a small interview with some ex-students. (Preferably reaching out to them via Twitter through hashtags and/or through the Digital Media Society). This would add another level to his DA with real-life student examples to help current-students be at ease.

I also provided a weblink for Hussein that can give him a bit of background research for his blog post series that focuses in on the stigmas that can be broken down. This way he can focus on one blog at a time, with a different topic for each blog.


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My Tweet Curation! Post D

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These weekly screenings have given me an insight into what can maintain a meaningful online presence. I was able to understand and learn how to create engagement amongst my peers via the #bcm325 hashtag. From weeks 6-12, I believe my tweeting-game has reached another level comparison to weeks 1-6.

I was very rusty in the early weeks however by the end of week 12, I was a lot more comfortable online. What was interesting to me was, if you posted academic article links, there would be no engagement whatsoever. However, a skill I picked up was that if you take an online article, have a read through it, and pick out an interested quote that relates to the weekly future cultures topic. Then lay it out in a format like the Y2K tweet down below, I found that this generated some feedback. Here is another example.

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The Virtual Reality Rise – Beta

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My Digital Artefact has gone under some iterations since my last pitch update. I believe with the feedback I have received from Reddit, my video-essay project along with accompanied blogs can have a positive impact on stakeholders and people interested in the topic of Virtual Reality’s trajectory.

As I Progresso into the later stages of the semester, I have been accumulating information, data and subjective opinions which will contribute to a video-essay that will be published in Week 13. These aspects include, future education methods, fitness and exercise regimes and also surgery and medical procedures.

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Engaging with my Peers DA’s

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Blog Comment 1:

My first comment was on Rachel’s DA, which focused on how her business is the centre of how influential social media marketing will be in future years to come. I found this really compelling simply because Rachel was able to tie in two massive projects in together as one. Online businesses such as YKTR, (one of my favourites) can give her an extremely valuable insight into how to grow her business in the years to come and also contribute to a sustainable social utility. I also went on to talk about her production value in her pitch is extremely high level which definitely helps convey her ideas in her project to her audience. This also makes the blog and pitch blog look very professional and well thought-out.

A suggestion I gave Rachel was to potentially find a way to implement the FEFO principle into her Digital…

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Lovin’ the Live Tweeting, BCM325

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To evaluate my tweeting over the semester…. It was extremely evident that the more humorous, clever and relevant your tweets were, the more engagement that you would receive from your peers. I had a lot of dead tweets such as this one, which was an article link that focused on background information. A correlation I have watched happen over the past 5 weeks is that these types of tweets didn’t generate as much engagement due to it not standing out from the 400 others you see on the #bcm325 twitter feed. Another correlation I have summarised is that tweets with photos and GIF’s really stand out to your peers, and as I am going to show later on, this really is a helpful tool to get eyes onto your work.

After doing this task for five weeks now, looking back at my Week 1 work I can definitely see…

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The Virtual Reality Rise Pitch

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My Digital Artefact is going to be addressing the implications that can potentially arise with virtual reality technology in 20 years. Virtual Reality in the form of oculus rifts headsets and fully-immersed three-dimensional worlds are some of the emerging tech that displays virtual reality in the past 10 years. These allow you to pursue the way you conceive the world around you differently. In my mini-video essay series I will be addressing how virtual reality technology such as those above may affect the traditional way we live life in 20 years from now. Below is my pitch video for my Digital Artefact

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