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Contextual Essay for future protein food

Blogs+prediction videos:


My digital artefact is about the future of protein food in the short-term (3 years), medium-term( 20 years) and long-term (100 years). Since the technology developing speed and the natural environment is and will be different, so I have mainly discussed one animal protein alternative for each period, which is plant-based meat, cultured meat and insects respectively for each period.


The whole blog series starts with a simple but clear explanation about why we need meat substitutes. What is the main alternative that the public will consume in 3 years, 20 years and 100 years, I also listed the pros and cons of each meat alternative for each period.

I originally planned to film ‘what I eat in a day’ style video to show my prediction about future protein food. However, I later found out that it would be very difficult. So I…

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Critically Evaluate Live Tweets (W8-W12)

I’m proud to say my live-tweeting skill has been improved greatly.

The last critical reflection about live tweets helps me on week8-12. I collected feedbacks from,

  • A, the comments and advice from my tutor, Angus,
  • B, other student’s first self-reflection blog in the Future Culture blog
    The combination of both worked very well for me.

Based on all the information I gathered, I changed my preparation routine for screening slightly. Here is my prepare routine.

  • Go to Wikipedia, IMDB (or another similar film introduction website) to read through the main storyline, and write down the things that I think I can dig deeper.
  • Go through the Lecture.
  • Search the relevant academic reports, news, behind the scenes facts or any other external information to the film and my notes. I usually pay extra attention to topics like Techno-Orientation and product placement.

(I choose those two particular topics because of personal interest…

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Critically Evaluate BETA Comments

To have a clear understanding of their Beta, I watched the videos and the context descriptions twice, just like what I did for the Pitch. I then make a list of things I like and things I think could be done better about their Beta. The list, along with the Beta rubric is convenient for me to do further relevant research. While I critically evaluate their Beta, I also keep notes of things that can apply to my Digital Artefact.


Rebecca’s DA is on the topic of female safety. She plans to use a facebook page as the community where women can share experience and give advice.

As a female myself, I really appreciate things she is trying to do. But I doubt the platform she uses because I think stay anonymous can help women to speak freely. So I suggest her to look for what fan communities have…

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DA BETA (future protein food)

For the Beta, I made some changes from the pitch, thanks to all the feedback from Reddit and peers.

I will still take everyone like food as my target group, but I may pay special attention to university students since they are the main user group for Reddit and YouTube.

Other than things I mentioned in the video, I also find that people in China have expressed their feelings about whether the Chinese market will welcome this future meat or not on the Internet. Do you think this is something you would like to know in my post?

Here are some resources that I have found really help to my three-part series post.

My Reddit question page. 

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Critically Evaluate Pitch Comments

To give valuable feedback, I first watched their videos and context descriptions twice to understand what they are aiming for. Then I used the rubric form from the feedback of my pitch presentation to tick adn check. When finding for further supporting materials, I tried to think about what would I want to read if I am the audience.

James and Jessica both want to produce their DA about marketing, as far as I learned, James will focus on marketing communication as a whole and will do some research on future theme film.

I invite him to compare the effectiveness of advertisement in the various platforms. I found an article about how ads changed on TV and the Internet, and I think this can inspire him to predict how the trend of ads will go in terms of platforms.

I wish I can suggest him to pay less attention…

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Critically Evaluate Live Tweets (W1-W6)

Live tweeting is a challenging task for me, but I think after a few weeks practices I have improved.

what I feel I was doing in that 90 (120) minutes
#multi-task #stressful

I always feel hungry and exhausted after every screening session. Anyway, here are some proves of my improvement, some critical personal opinions about what I have done well or could be done better.


I have found that Tweets using short sentences, which summarised some factors of the film, is more powerful. But I have to admit; this is a surface level engagement. It is an effective way to get people’s attention, but not good enough.



I will keep the light and strong Tweets and limiting to one or two each week. I will put more efforts into getting into some in-depth conversations. This can be achieved by learning more about the futurology as a whole…

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The technology is changing everything, but Whatever the future looks like, one thing is certain: We’ll still need to eat something.

My DA is focusing on future food; particularly, protein food.

The first blog post will be uploaded on Week 6, and that is about what we are going to have for dinner in 2 years?

Will we have plant-based meat for McDonald Cheeseburger?

Will the real meat costs more than the plant one?

Go find out in my first blog!

I will post few polls on Twitter, please come and join us!

Twitter: @LiLeah9

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