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seeing my future through a contextual report?


My digital artefact is an evolving piece of media that will project the future of blogging in not only 5 years but perhaps in 15 years. Future Studies has been under the examination of Ziauddin Sardar who is pushes our thinking beyond the typical boundaries of Westernised thinking (Moore 2022). Sadar begins with an analysis of the word ‘Future’ derived from the Latin ‘Futura/Futurus’ – which means ‘going to be’ (Moore 2022). My “future” that I am focused on in this digital artefact is my career as well as what medias will be effective with my future career.

Instagram is the new “life form” of blogging due to eye-catching pictures as well as accessibility. I wanted to do blogging as my theme of my digital artefact. I wanted to be a blogger on a video platform but I found it quite hard to create so I chose the writing form…

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wordpress vs instagram


My original digital artefact was all about the future of social media. I was so excited to create video content as I do have a passion for editing. I was also inclined to see what platform was more effective for video content. I did get some feedback on my post about my pitch. Some of the commenters did not understand what my approach was in my digital artefact. Was my digital artefact addressing content marketing the future of social media? Was it about researching the platforms of social media and seeing what type of videos impact certain platforms? After reading those comments I didn’t even know myself what my actual digital artefact was about. I believed that if I continued the video creation path I would not be able to effectively address the “Future Culture DA” challenge in the way I wanted to.

A big problem I did have was…

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another round of posting futuristic tweets


Yes, we are back with another round of futuristic tweets. Within these five weeks we have learnt about Artificial Intelligence to Cyberculture. The movies that we watched are linked to what we are learning from the subject materials. I believe that live-tweeting the ideas of these futuristic movies has given us students a better understanding on different representations of the future. We then can compare that to our reality and see whether it would happen in our own future.

I found the topic of artificial intelligence quite easy to tweet about especially when talking about the film “Robot and Frank.” This movie gave me an understanding on how the technology in the future can help us. Robots were considered as caregivers in this film which I found interesting as most movies that mention A.I. usually have the robot as the villain. It gave me a positive perspective on how robots…

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a futuristic twitter interaction


If you follow me on Twitter then I apologise. Why? Maybe it’s because of a hashtag that becomes popular every Thursday between the time of 9:30am – 3:30pm? I don’t know I might be just picking out straws but I am probably on the money. The hashtag BCM325 is used on Thursdays due to us live-tweeting futuristic movies. The content of these science fiction movies includes “Spaceships and time travel, robots and aliens, artificial intelligence and DNA manipulation (Moore 2022).” These elements “are all part of the speculative imaginary of science fiction futures (Moore 2022).” I am glad that the movies that were selected for us to watch were ones that I haven’t seen before so all my responses on Twitter are 100% authentic.

Week 1: “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Let’s start with the first movie that started these tweets. “2001: A Space Odyssey” was an interesting movie as I…

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reviewing all about the FUTURE


For digital artefacts, peer reviewing is quite important as we get feedback from our peers. We learn what we could improve on, what articles to use and what is so good about our project. I gave three people reviews on their DA project and all of them were focusing on movies which is great since that is what we are doing for the actual subject. They all are on different subject matters such as futuristic views, technology advancements and female protagonists. This is great that they have explored different avenues of the same subject matter. Here I will be providing a critical self-reflection on how I engaged with the blog posts with the comments below.

Peer Review 1: Aimee’s Pitch

Aimee’s project was about how films have depicted the future especially with technology. I gravitated to her post straightaway due to the word “dystopia.” Looking…

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The future of social media


In 2018, video content was on the rise. A total of 83% of consumers worldwide would prefer to watch YouTube videos which shows how social media didn’t grasp the usefulness of video content until much later (Cox 2020). In 2020, video content gained 48% more views on social media as it the videos have become easier to share on the main social platforms (Colormatics 2020). Another reason why it became easier for videos to be shared was due to the COVID pandemic. People couldn’t communicate face to face due to lockdowns so some of the ways to communicate with people was the use of social media.

Marketing has benefited from this as 90% of customers report that video content helps make their purchasing decisions easier (Kay 2021). It shows that we are now consuming media more than ever as it is easy to access. Social media has realised that video…

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