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My name is Ivan and I'm still trying to find myself in this world full of endless possibilities. Currently I am doing my Bachelor in Media Studies in University of Wollongong. I majoring in marketing cause hey everyone need to know how to get themselves or their ideas out there. Malaysia is where I'm from and my interests rangers from skiing from the mountains to scuba diving in the waters of Sipadan. On land I also play tennis some badminton here and there. I do stick to my room and play games or watch tv shows but who doesn't?! Friendly as I am I can be shy at time but once you get to know me...You know what I will let you guys decide on that.

How Wacom Works

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What About It

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For this blog post, I am going to break down more on what a drawing tablet is and how it works. A drawing tablet can be explained as another input device for your computer. Its use is not limited just to artist. Architects and engineers would need to use these kinds of tables to create accurately-scaled images (Barett, n.d) The tablet comes with two parts, the tablet pad, and a stylus. Another interesting feature about the tablet is that it doesn’t just register only in drawing programs. In a way, you can look at it as a huge trackpad. The same one you would have on your laptop. Even without the stylus, you can use your fingers to interact with it. Clicking on links and scrolling through pages and even using it to zoom into things.

If that’s the case, why do we need the stylus…

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Lucarios Digital Journey

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Exploring Digital Art

Digital painting.png

Having explored a lot about digital art I have found some interesting points about it. The first point is the community that has been created from digital art. Subreddits such as digital painting, allows users to post their works and get critics about it. I believe that critics are very important because it allows yourself to improve on your work. Sometimes when you keep looking at your own work you don’t see the mistakes you have done, so another pair of eyes are good to re-evaluate it.


Another amazing development due to the presence of digital art is the amount of tutorial videos available on YouTube. There are millions of videos that not only teaches you on how to draw but teaches you on colour theory, brush making, different kinds of drawing functions and much more. The community of digital artist continues to expand because the community…

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Rowlets Digital Art Journey

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Continuing from my previous blog post. This is the breakdown on how I am teaching myself to draw. The first step is to always have your reference out with you. Having reference pictures helps you imagine what you want to draw. I would prefer to have 2-3 picture references. The paper size I am using for this drawing is A5 and I am using the second brush to draw. Before you start drawing, always remember to add in your layer and do not draw directly on the background.

Brush 1.png

Step 1

Drawing 1.pngDrawing 2.png

It is also good to label your layers. This will help you stay organized as you proceed to add more…

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The Art Of Digital Art

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Technology is on a constant move, always improving and reshaping what we do. For my DIGC335 project, I will be continuing one of my previous projects. The goal was to redraw all my cards that I had developed for a game . However due to my lack of experience in drawing, instead I will be showing my process of learning how to draw with a tablet. At the same time providing insights for others on how to draw as well, hopefully.

Before diving into the process, I would want to focus on how drawing itself has changed due to technology. Drawing has always been a part of humanity and artists around the world has provided us with many works of art to appreciate. However, art is viewed as an analog activity. This is because hand drawing is always preferred. Artist wants to express themselves with their brush strokes and…

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