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Hello there friends! My name is Liz, how lovely it is to meet you on this fine blogging site :) I'm currently studying a double bachelor degree in Media and Communications/Creative Arts (Theatre) and so far I love it! i look forward to sharing some great blog posts with y'all :D

It was the best of tweets;it was the worst of tweets


Unlike President Trump, who callously posts whatever thought comes to mind, I find there is a great deal to be learned about my online presence through some healthy self-reflection.

Overall, I feel positive about how my live- tweeting has progressed and improved each week so far. I think that while I didn’t often post pre-generated tweets, I did post topical, related content through a frame I felt comfortable commenting on. I think this authenticity helped to generate audience engagement amongst my peers and it was tweets that demonstrated novel facts or insights that had the highest interaction. A few examples can be seen below.

Week 1- Metropolis

As I should have expected, week one was (without a doubt) my worst week for live-tweeting. Not only was there very limited engagement with other people’s tweets, but my own provided no context to those not viewing Metropolis as to…

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A self-Analysis of Analysis


As a sufferer of anxiety, this prospect provides the ultimate paradox. This should be something I can do well because I am self-critical of myself all the time, and yet the very reason this blog has been written as late as it has is because of the debilitating effects anxiety disorders produce…anyway…let’s get critical!

For this task I was assigned the DA pitches of Nick, Jasmyn and Josh. Looking at the comments overall- I feel I gave constructive feedback and provided them with relevant resources to enhance the ultimate direction of their DA’s. It was interesting to see how the elements of their different ideas helped put my own DA into a clearer perspective, despite the vast difference between all our ideas. I think this is the true beauty of feedback; you not only help others but your comments also help iteration for yourself!

A difficulty I encountered overall was…

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DA Pitch:The Future of A.I in the Creative Industry of Film


As mentiond in the above video, I would like to focus my Digital Artefact on the Future of A.I in the creative industry of film over the next 5-10 years.

Artificial Intelligence has already infiltrated many aspects of the film industry. From AI operated camera equipment to sophisticated machine learning services such as “Cinelytic and ScriptBook that mine and analyse keywords attributable to a film’s themes, dialogue and actors… to provide valuable insight regarding which films are likely to be blockbusters – or flops (Farish 2020).

I hope my digital artefact can be used as a demonstration of ‘futuristic details used as poetic devices for exoticizing the present’ (Csicsery-Ronay 2008). My digital artefact will both serve to entertain and to inform audiences about the complex present, past and future of film. 


  • Csicsery-Ronay, I 2008, The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction, Weslayan University Press, Connecticut USA.
  • Drunk Histories 2013, Television…

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