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BCM 325 Live Tweeting

Before taking this subject I had never really live tweeted or live anything’d so it was a chance to try something new and a new way of thinking and enjoying media. Not being a BCM student made it difficult sometimes, and I was always focused on writing about stuff that interested me while watching rather than general trivia about the film.

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Experiences in Virtual Reality: Emotions & Places and History

For my Digital Artefact I will be exploring Virtual Reality and experiences the medium allows. I’m not sure yet what I want to focus on but I’m interested in two main areas:

  • VR’s ability to uniquely provoke emotional experiences within the user.
  • VR being able to recreate places and history in an immersive and potentially interactive way.

In this blog post I propose lots of questions I can delve into further later.

Let’s dive in!

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