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finally here, digital artefact

LooLou Bear

My digital artefact was something that challenged me as a student and as an individual. The concept of my digital artefact had changed regularly throughout my future cultures experience. Although I believe fundamentally towards the end I had accumulated my ideas, responses and criticism to make something I believe is relevant for the future. The concept of my work was to create a blog that targeted issues regarding identity and how it can change the future in different scales, whether that be long or short term. So far I only have one post on my blog, which is aimed towards gender selection. Although I only have one post at the moment, I would like to actually continue this blog for several concepts regarding identity and addressing the future once this class has commenced. I had produced a post that I had taken the time to accumulate ideas from myself…

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Beta be good

LooLou Bear

My first Beta response is towards Brandon Cotter which speaks about the use of Sonar technology in the future and how it will help those that are visually impaired. I congratulated Brandon for being able to take his feedback he had received from his first Digital artefact and I had recommended and questioned him on several aspects of his Beta in hopes to improve his final work.  I had asked Brandon how he was going to present his Digital artefact to the public. I been able to find out if he was going to be creating a podcast, blog, video or perhaps something else.  I had asked this with the intention that perhaps his Digital Artefact would be easily accessible to an audience that perhaps would be looking for this content. I understand that he has been tweeting about the topic but perhaps this is too board of a Digital Artefact…

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Tweeting will never be my thing

LooLou Bear

My live tweeting experience within BCM future cultures class has always been difficult for me in terms of being able to post freely without concern of judgment or criticism. Some weeks had been better than others which I believe was mainly put on the fact of what stimulus I had to respond to and how engaged I was. Over the semester, especially during the last few week I had learned to embrace tweeting more and just not care what people think, I was then able to express myself in a more open manner due to the tweeting becoming a weekly tradition.

Although most of my tweets were not as successful in terms of likes and retweets, I feel my tweets have been a genuine representation of my own reactions and not something I had found off the internet and just tweeted it to the tag. Some of my tweets didn’t…

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you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about – beta

LooLou Bear

Hello everyone and this is my new and improved version of my digital artefact . My beta video above speaks about the new ideas coming forwards for my digital artefact thanks to the feedback/ resources of my fellow peers and online commenters.

Another point I would like to add is I will be posting my beta video once again like my pitch online to related forums and social platforms to again receive feedback from another audience and continually engage myself to develop my ongoing blog.

I believe the change in my blog post will offer myself and others more areas of exploration and development

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Live twiddling

LooLou Bear

The live tweeting that had started in Week one was horrible for me. Not only was I late to class but also had only opened twitter once probably in year seven to vote for the VMAS song of the year. I had found that my twitter must of been hacked and used by who I assume was a middle eastern man by all the explicit arabic pages I was following.

Live tweeting was hard for me because of how nervous and shy I am.  The first post I had presented in week one was: 

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 4.12.35 PM

Yes it was truely monumental ground breaking. This is here to set an example of my development. I wont make excuses for my poor effort in week one but also Metropolis was boring.

Heading into week two I was introduced to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY which showed some vast improvements from my interactions

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three digital artefact feedback

LooLou Bear

Ijumaa Stephenson:

Ijumaa digital artefact pitch comments on his own EP ‘Growth’ which he hopes to utilise as a means to change the future in topics regarding world peace. Ijumaa hopes that his song will promote and encourage world peace for us and future generations as music being a medium in doing so.

I had encouraged Ijumaa to utilise a more social media platforms to engage with an audience rather than just Spotify and Youtube. Thus being able to gather more attention to his song and the purpose to increase chances of his song doing what he aspires for it to do. I also asked if there will be a follow up release in response to his feedback and how will he present that to the world. I questioned the possibility of a Live stream performance or posting lyrics to a song he has made on his own blog.


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Digital Artefact Pitch

LooLou Bear

My Digital Artefact will be a variety of blog post that discuss the topic of parents being able to choose the gender of their child. Each blog post will speak about how the future will be effected in the near and far future, making society question their ethics and intentions regarding having a child. With a dominate preference of a male over female past, will society change towards a balanced opinion between genders? Will gender issues resolve themselves or will more arise? Some speculation into the future can be both have a positive and negative outcome. Feedback will be acquired through online comments and in person interactions.

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