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Future Cultures Contextual Essay – BCM325


David Bowie has had a lasting influence on the world as we know it through his music, films and personas. But he was also a futurist, an innovator far ahead of his time who helped the world see the future of his imagination.

In ideating and reiterating my project, I went through several changes that incorporated feedback and aimed to achieve a higher level of understanding of the subject material and lecture concepts. Starting off as a simple yet long video essay, I concluded it would be best to focus on a more specific topic trajectory, and split my DA into a multimedia project that was easier to consume. My digital artefact consisted of 2 parts;

  • A video essay exploring Bowie’s impact as a futurist, specifically on the internet and our current short term future and his depiction of future cultures and aliens in science fiction in our long term…

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The Projects and Puns Are Getting Beta


Comment One : FORTUNE FEED – By Bella

Comment Summary:

Since the project pitch, Bella has taken on feedback to develop and improve her project in several ways, giving more of an academic background as well as altering her focus to appeal to audiences. However her engagement on her YouTube videos was struggling, so I directed her to a source and some ways to reiterate her content to make it more appealing for audiences on that specific platform. I also suggested she share and promote all her content across various platforms to increase audience traffic.

Another aspect of her DA I suggested she take into consideration is the link between her short recipe videos on tiktok and the subject material. Putting more of a focus and research about Future Cultures will give her videos more depth and dynamic, and employing trends such as recreating film food would give her…

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Live Tweeting Future Cultures : Vol. II


For these live tweeting sessions I tried to work on engagement with fellow peers through retweets, comments and sharing interactive tweets such as polls. I also aimed to link more of the ideas and themes in these screenings back to the subject material and lecture content.

Week Seven: Blade Runner 2049

This screening was among my favourites of the semester, the cinematography of this film gave many opportunities to analyse symbolism, details and colours which represent different attitudes towards the future.

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Life On Mars? Project Beta


Through further research and development of my digital artefact, I have been able to make several changes which will ensure a better final product, including format, academic readings, and linking my topic to subject material and lectures. Feedback on my pitch as well as various tweets I have posted has proved valuable in making these decisions and setting my da on a better path.

Additionally I have looked at this suggested article which describes Bowie’s influence on the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, of specific interest is the gender ambiguity which seems to be a pattern in both David Bowie’s artistry and future depictions in sci-fi and modern society as we look to a more equal future.

I will combine my research and study of David Bowie’s career and influence with academic research and ideas, such as Darkvo Suvin’s “Scientifically Plausible Innovation”, in order to give more depth and dimension to…

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Live Tweeting Future Cultures


Live tweeting through films in #bcm325 was such a great and unique experience that I really loved about this subject, interacting with everyone at a time where everything is online was really valuable and it was so interesting to see everyone’s live reactions and thought processes. I have chosen some of my more popular and relevant tweets and interactions to look further at below. Whilst I did try some memes along the way, I found it much more valuable and exciting to post about philosophical thoughts, questions and facts. I learned so much more from sharing ideas and engaging with the subject material, and found it an incredibly useful way to focus on content.

Week One: Metropolis

The first tweet I have chosen for week one’s screening of Metropolis is one in which I discussed time as a motif throughout the film. Upon watching the film I noticed the oddity…

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Exploring My Peers Ideas of Future Cultures



Caitlyn decided to center her digital artefact around the future of the beauty industry in terms of wearable gadgets, cosmetic procedures, beauty standards and digital perfume, and how it will affect the consumers.

Comment Summary:

I suggested Caitlyn narrow her focus area to one of the topics she discussed in her pitch to explore the short, medium and long term future of that area in more detail. To better link her da with topics discussed in class I suggested she incorporate different perspectives into her research, more specifically how people within the industry feel about the advances. I also linked her to this podcast which discusses the future of the beauty industry in regards to biotechnology, cultural shifts and AI, as I thought it would be beneficial for her to do background research within other platforms.

I think my…

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Life On Mars? How David Bowie helped us imagine the future


David Bowie has had a lasting influence on the world as we know it through his music, fashion, films and personas. But he was also a futurist, an innovator far ahead of his time who helped the world see the future of his imagination.

“The Thin White Duke’s forays into technology were as far ahead of their time as his art.”


My digital artefact will be a video essay, exploring how David Bowie envisioned the future through his art, and made a lasting impact on the way we imagined the future in the short, medium and long term. Whether it be through his imagery of aliens in personas like Ziggy Stardust, his artistic expression of the future or his pioneering of music in the approaching digital age.


Kilson, K 2016 “David Bowie was an internet pioneer and rock’s greatest futurist” INVERSE, viewed 10/03/21,

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