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Digital Artefact and Contextual Essay


My original concept for my BCM325 digital artefact was to look specifically how technology was going to impact athletes and sporting fans 5, 10, 25, and 50 years into the future. My intentions were to create a dedicated YouTube channel and upload three videos, each around 5-10 minutes in length focussing on one aspect of future technology in sports, whether that be in regard to fans, athletes, or another aspect. I also planned to use a previous digital artefact to help promote traffic to the YouTube channel.


My digital artefact was ideated a lot since the initial pitch, through feedback from my tutor and peers, as well as out of necessity. The initial stages of my DA were slow, and I struggled to maintain the timeline outlined in my pitch.

  1. I created the initial YouTube channel ‘Sports Future’ and began to research into the topic of future stadium…

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Live-Tweets 2

Live-tweeting was a completely new concept to me when I first started BCM325, I found it a little bit strange and did not see what the actual benefit was. Fast forward to the end of the semester and live-tweeting is now one of my favourite aspects of BCM325, not only has it helped develop my research skills and multitasking, but also introduced me to films I had never seen or heard of.

My process for finding information about the different films we viewed each week was simple yet very effective. I would first find a trailer for the film and view it, bringing myself up to speed with the basic plot of the film, after this, I would surf the web with specific interests in mind, such as movie themes, facts, visual effects, predictions, and a few others depending on the film. Through browsing online sources, I not only gained…

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BCM 325 Beta Comment’s

After the submission of the BCM325 digital artefact beta we were tasked to evaluate our peer’s beta video and blog submissions. The task is aimed to share our personal thoughts and ideas on our classmate’s work, as well as giving the opportunity to reflect on our own project progression, gaining ideas and methods to finish up our digital artefacts ready for submission.

The three classmates I provided feedback to were:

  • Karli Connors
  • Tamara Goldsmith
  • Madeleine Jones

Karli Connors

Description: Karli has created a blog site called ‘Vitality Through Veganism’ which aims to explore the future of the meat industry as well as the repercussions that will occur if the population does not start progressing towards a meat free diet. Karli provides blog, news, and video content on her site.


Reflection: After viewing Karli’s beta content I was very impressed, one with how much content she provides on her site…

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BCM325 Beta

I have been struggling, not just with my DA but with online uni as a whole and I go into greater detail in my beta video.

But as it stands I have decided to switch my DA slightly. I still intend to research the future of sports technology, that be it in regards to stadiums, san and player experience, and overall how sport will look in the future.

However, I have decided to switch up my approach to researching and creating content, as well as the platforms I distribute it on. I was initially going to post video essays onto a YouTube channel then promote this through my already established future technology Instagram page from my first year DA. I have now decided, pending feedback, to move my content onto TikTok, this is for several reasons which I talk more about within the beta video, but essentially I found the…

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Live Tweeting

The concept of live tweeting was both new and confusing to me when I first started BCM325, I didn’t see the reason or benefits of doing it. However my mind has been significantly changed since week one, and I now see how beneficial this aspect is to not only further knowledge on the film we are viewing in this week, but also a great way to engage with my peers and gather different opinions on what we are viewing each week. 

Since the start of BCM325 I have learnt how to most effectively live tweet and engage with my peers. I start by looking through the weeks Moodle content, and then the night before researching the film we will be watching the next day, this is not only to gather ideas for tweets, but to also educate myself on what we will be watching and provide an overview of the…

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Pitch Comments

The second assessment in BCM325 was to evaluate our peers and leave comments on their digital artefact pitch blogs. The task is aimed to share personal thoughts and ideas on our classmate’s work, as well as an opportunity to reflect on our own DA and gain new ideas and methodologies on how to complete them.

The three peers I was assigned were:

  • Ethan Jack Crawshaw, Future Church
  • Imogen Cunningham, Art DA
  • Mai Huong Dang, UOW Creative

Ethan Jack

Description: For this digital artefact, Ethan Jack will be moving church content and services online, partly due to the current COVID-19 crisis, forcing us all to remain home, as well as those who have moved away, or those who are nervous about attending. This content is available both on his Facebook and website.


Reflection: After looking through Ethan’s digital artefact I realised how simple yet effective his model was, not only…

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325 Pitch: Sports Future

The BCM325 digital artifact focusses on the future, what life is going to be like in 5, 10, 50, and 100 years. For my personal DA I have chosen to focus on what sport around the world will look like in the next 10 to 20 year, specifically how technology will impact both fans and athletes.

I intend to create three, 5 to 10-minute video essays and upload them on to YouTube, focussing on one, or multiple aspects of the future of sports in each video.

I am not entirely sure as to how long each video will take to both research and produce, but this could be a rough time line:

Weeks 4-6: Research and target audience establishment.

Week 7: First video essay.

Week 8: Beta and audience feedback.

Week 9: Second video essay.

Week 10-11: Research and ideation.

Week 12: Third video essay.

Week 13: Final report.


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