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Live tweeting 2.0


This session of live tweeting has taught me many skills. It helped me understand the lecture topics more in depth through the real examples within the films such as cybernetics, cyborgs, cyberpunk and cyberspace. It helped me open up the discussion of hypothetical futures with my classmates and it also helped me multitask tweeting while watching a movie.

Conducting my second round of live tweeting, I went into each week more prepared with knowledge about the film and the lecture topics as well as a  better understanding of how to tweet and what to include in those tweets.

I began by announcing the movie we were about to watch at the start of the session with a small blurb about the year it came out, the director or what it was about. I found this was a good introduction for my followers to understand what I was actually tweeting about…

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Round two peer comments


In my BETA presentation comments, I aimed to do more research on my peers topics so I could give them better feedback. I gave more advice of secondary research topics, third party sites and relations to the lecture topics. I came from the place of being audience and relaying how I would interpret and want to see their DA myself as a viewer instead of an outsider who knew nothing about the topic. I commented on the BETA presentations of Gemma, Cooper and Karli would all had very different topics.

Gemma’s DA is looking at how the Corona Virus has changed our way of online learning as uni students. She is going to be utilising her already established Facebook page ‘UOW Rants’ as a platform to gain students ideas and opinions around online learning.

The Facebook page filled with UOW students is a great platform to reach her intended…

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It’s the BETA


Moving on from my DA pitch to my beta, I’ve made some constructive changes to better the overall quality of my DA. I’ll be expanding my blog from 500-1000 words and adding more detail to the topics. I also altered my production timeline to allow more time for research and writing the blog (which took a lot longer than anticipated).

I’ll be focusing each post on the week three lecture of trajectories and planning to decipher how each VR concept is likely to change in the future based on our technology and it’s success in the past.

I have uploaded my ‘VR Shopping’ post that became an overall introduction into the lifestyle of VR shopping and how it all works.  I will be continuing to utilise the suggestions from my feedback loops in my upcoming blog posts to hopefully overall improve my DA.

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Live tweeting from a rookie


My first few weeks of live tweeting have been extremely interesting to say the least. It was rather hard getting use to the whole balance of finding interesting things to tweet about, actually tweeting, interacting with other tweets and doing this all while watching a movie that makes no sense to me.

During these first five weeks, I’ve learnt quite a lot through trial and error of live tweeting that I will hopefully perfect by the end of this semester.

For our first week of live tweeting, we watched the 1927 silent film Metropolis. This week I was struggling to get my bearings on how to actually live tweet. I came to class unprepared and knew nothing about the movie or how to live tweet. My default in life when things go wrong is humor, so I incorporated that in my tweets. Some of these tweets got a lot…

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Pitch commentary


For the comments on my peer’s pitches, I tried to be positive yet constructive in my evaluations to help their DA in a useful way.

My first comment was on Drew’s DA called ‘The Pythia Project’. This project was an extension from his other DA’s which combined his knowledge from RPG’s (role playing games) and board games. He is focusing on role playing games and how they will evolve in the future with a ‘series of video assets for RPG newcomers’ and a ‘predictive timeline of the RPG communities’ future’.

Personally, I believe the feedback I provided Drew with was constructive and useful for continuing his DA. My aim was to be encouraging in his topic and how dedicated he was to his interests by knowing exactly who he would be targeting.

I also wanted to open up the idea of how far his DA could go if he…

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