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UOW Creative – Beta Pitch

Mai Dang

UOW Creative, while being a university initiative dedicated to reflecting the ‘now’ of our UOW community, holds a great deal of potentials for the future for not only the creative industry, but also of our online persona.

As McLuhan said, electric technology allowed humanity to extend our inner selves and create an external central nervous system. And with the arrival of social media, we have a public visualisation of our psychological selves and our sense of identity (McLuhan, as mentioned in Lecture Week 8). UOW Creative is reaching out to students through these channels, through the portrayal of their online persona. And with our platform, we are creating a connected system of students’ creativity and expressions. In-person exhibitions will have to welcome more and more online galleries, static portfolios will give way to the connected portfolio. In general, the future of the creative industry means our online…

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Live-tweeting: Getting used to it! #BCM325 Future Cultures

Mai Dang

This blog post will be a critical reflection of my live-tweeting experience in BCM325 – Future Cultures. For 4 weeks, our class engaged in live-tweeting sessions of 5 movie screenings including Metropolis (1927), 2001: A Space Odyssey, West World (1978), Blade Runner (1982), and Minority Report (2002), in which we discuss aspects of the film relating to studies of the future.

  1. Getting used to the fast-pace of live-tweeting 

I, for need of a better term, am lacking at multitasking. Because of this, I knew going into the task of reporting, analyzing and engaging with others all while watching a movie is going to be difficult for me without preparation. That is why I made sure to do my research on the movie and engage with the week’s lecture content to pre-curate 3 – 4 tweets per screening. Such technique is done by my classmates as well, with a lot of…

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#BCM325 Critical self-evaluation

Mai Dang

In creating a feedback loop for my peers for their Pitch in BCM325 – Future Studies, I participated in revision for 3 exciting projects from 3 of my classmates.

Luke’s Future of Sports DA 

Luke’s Digital Artefact explores the Future of Sports through a series of video essays: how the sports industry will be affected by technology through the lens of both fans and athletes. He has a great topic and through his video pitch, his passion is shown through and his knowledge of being a fan of sports will aid him in curating this DA.Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 22.57.37

The main contribution I made to his ideation was to narrow down his topic. Future of Sports is a big subject to tackle in such little time, so finding a specific aspect to focus on would help him to direct his research as well as developing a targeted audience. By recommending sources mapping out…

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Mai Dang

For my Digital Artefact in BCM325, I will be working with UOW Creative

This program addresses head-on with the core of BCM325 – Future Cultures in its innovative format and its focus on the creative industry.

In a discussion paper on Changes in the Educational Landscape, Matthews et al. (2018) point out the diversifying expectations from students around how education is delivered and received.

The overall trend of more favourable attitudes toward online delivery from prospective students and growth in lifelong learning for professionals signal a need to rethink the traditional, on-campus only model of learning.

With emerging competitors such as open universities or online courses, traditional campuses like UOW needs a way to keep up with the democratization of knowledge. UOW Creative, therefore, will come in as it’s a digitized platform for the on-campus model. Techniques in oil-painting once only taught in studio hours can now be shared…

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