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Digital Artefact


With previous Digital Artefacts, I always started with the base of my idea being centred around The Sims. Initially, I opted for the easy decision of doing what I love in the game, which is creating houses from inspiration gathered online or in real life. For BCM 325, I wanted to try something new while still sticking to my interest of The Sims. With the DA challenge being to “consider the future in the next 5, 10, 25 or 50 years”, it got me thinking about my future career path. For many years now, I’ve wanted to pursue a career in interior design, so this is how I wanted to approach the subject’s overarching focus, by learning the skills needed in the workplace. Considering what I could make for my DA, I thought about the process of creating house floor plans. It’s something I love to do where I…

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Peer Commentary & Feedback #2


The first DA I came across was Lani’s, who’s been creating blog posts focusing on the changing nature of video gaming. Video gaming and how it’ll evolve in the future is something I’ve always been interested in, and the topics she raised and will address are ones I haven’t thought about; their environmental impact and the impact COVID-19 will have on the industry. It made me think of the use of artificial intelligence in gaming also, so I provided her with a source that might be useful. It was good to see how she’s tried reaching out to different audiences by posting on Reddit as well as attempting to get in touch with people about the topic. The suggestion I provided to her was maybe thinking about creating video content instead, where she could carry out research to find opinion/ideas and share her thoughts about it, so that she isn’t…

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Curation of tweets & interactions – Part 2


Having live tweeted for an additional 7 weeks, I found the process still as hard as I thought it was going to be at first and my process of doing so did not change. Prior to tweeting and streaming the movie watched each week, I continued to do some research so I had a bit of an idea of what I was going to watch.

Whilst watching each movie, I would find useful information to tweet. This includes things such as the budget of the film, themes portrayed, and the behind-the-scenes making of the film. My multitasking skills did get better, as I feel as though I posted more tweets than previously. However, I’m not sure how that works as I found myself more interested in the weeks 6-12, newer movies from more recent years compared to the older ones. I noticed that while live tweeting this time around, I felt…

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BCM 325 DA Beta


Working on my DA, I played around with Lucidchart to create floor plans, then created it in The Sims 4. After carrying out some testing by creating my own subreddit and posting in different subreddits, I didn’t receive as much feedback as I would’ve liked. I thought about other aspects of interior design I could look into if my DA doesn’t progress, including the use of mixed reality to create renderings used in architecture and design, as well as AR apps which I found were interesting concepts. Hopefully with more testing, I’ll receive more promising feedback from my audience.

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Curation of tweets & interactions – Part 1


Live tweeting in class isn’t something I’ve come across in any subject before, so to me, it sounded like a bit of a daunting task. It’s said that it’s “designed to demonstrate your ability to engage in research, critically evaluate a text and engage in productive and convivial discussion in real-time.” After having live tweeted over the past 5 weeks, I found that it was a hard process. However, once class transitioned to being delivered online and we were instructed to stream the movie at our own pace, it became a bit easier, maybe because there’s less distractions around me.

I’m not a movie person, so chances are that I’ve seen the movies that we’re planned to watch, is very unlikely. So at first, I would prepare some background research on the movie being watched and formulate some tweets, readying myself to post them during the viewing. The tweets I…

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Peer Commentary & Feedback


Blog posts – Comments:

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 9.53.43 pm.png Chris’ DA

The first blog post was by Chris, who’s planned to continue his previous DA idea of creating podcast videos based on different topics around gaming. Out of the 3 posts I had to comment on, this one was the one I resonate with the most as I play a few games and also think about how they will evolve over time. Due to the ample knowledge I have about this topic, I was able to think of a few topics off of the top of my head that he could address, which I suggested to him, including; AR games and topics around female gamers.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.08.45 pm.png Karli’s DA

Karli’s Digital Artefact is based on veganism and seeing if switching to a vegan lifestyle is a sustainable choice for the future. If I’m honest, I’m not very knowledgable when it comes to this topic, however it…

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BCM 325 DA


My DA involves creating floor plans using online software, and building the house in The Sims 4. These will be shared on Reddit (r/interiordesign and r/TheSims), with an audience of professionals and those interested in the two, where I hope to receive positive feedback. It’s evident that interior design is changing with the transition from in person visits occurring, to the process now being digital. This will address my own future in terms of the workforce, where I’ll be learning skills of using software that’s needed to create floor plans, which translate into the real world as an interior designer.

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