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Playbook for the Future- Medium Term

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Hello Sports Fans! 

Sports is likely to change in a few  categories in the next 5-10 years, including  the introduction of spectrum of reality technology and the rise of eSports in videogames. In today’s blog, I want to go over these new advancements and what the future could be with their impact.

Creating a different reality is hardly new with the creation of books to movies and now to virtual reality. Virtual reality is “use of computer technology to create a simulated environment” (Bardi). This means that the surrounding environment is engineered by a computer and different than that of the physical realm. A person is transformed into a new world. In the movie, “Ready Player 1“,  a whole new world is created and thousands of people are a part of it using the advanced technology of virtual reality. Glasses are used to transport you into…

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Playbook for the Future: Contextual Essay

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Sports has always been across many cultures for many generations and will continue to thrive in the future because sports connect people. Connects people to people, to technology and to other cultures. Sports is also a testing ground for advanced technology. Personally, I enjoy playing volleyball and watching various types of sports. I chose the future of sports as my digital artifact because my family and I are big sports fans.

I decided I would do a video series within blog posts. I wanted to do both types of media because some people are visual and some people are readers and I wanted to appeal to both. In my pitch, I said I was going to create 3 videos, each one assessing a different part of the future. The first one is short term, one to two years, where I talk about the world’s anticipation of the 2020 Olympics. The…

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Peer Beta Review

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Hello, I assessed three beta presentations for the course BCM 325. The following blog includes a brief description of each digital artifact as well as a self-reflection of my comments. I have embedded screenshots of the comments as evidence. Enjoy!

My first peer I reviewed was Madeleine Baker. Her digital artifact includes three blog posts about the impacts of climate change on agriculture and farming industries. She is also interested in at home farming and gardening technology that can  help us become more self sustainable in our own homes. She is creating her own at home garden with a student budget, of course.

In my comment, I acknowledged her dedication with creating her own home garden. I encouraged her with some positive feed back  such as “great progress”, “goals are clear” and “very interesting”. I researched her topic and provided various research resources, such as academic and news articles that I thought…

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Live Tweets Part 2

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My strategy for live tweeting consists of an introduction of the content, a brief description of the story line, and links to articles that are relevant to the topic, including academic articles. I also include lecture content, quotes and many pictures and gifs. Interacting with my classmates is my main priority. I do this by posing questions in my tweets, adding polls, and replying to their tweets. The most interaction I do is favorite my classmates tweets.

I prepare a study guide before each session so that I could focus on replying to my classmates tweets. The pre-scripted tweets are very helpful.

I think my live tweeting has improved since the first half of the semester. Before I did not add many academic articles or much lecture content. Although the academic articles are not as big of hit as I thought they were going to be. I would hope that…

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Beta: Playbook for the Future

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I have reached out for feedback to athletes and futurist. Jack Silverstien, a sports futurist and fan, provided academic journals to research about virtual reality and the popularity of eSports. I have also taken polls on Facebook and Instagram. Furthering the utility of this DA is to inform, inspire and encourage sports fans to research about different sports and how to improve or fall more in love with sports. I do that by giving them snippets of research that they could explore in a entertaining video.


A Look into the Future of Sports: A Study of the Actual State of the Art – the Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality. (2018). 2018 International Conference on Broadband Communications for Next Generation Networks and Multimedia Applications (CoBCom), Broadband Communications for Next Generation Networks and Multimedia Applications (CoBCom), 2018 International Conference On, 1.

Ellis, Cat. (2018). “The teck powering the 2020…

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Live Tweeting Self-Reflection

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I first experience live tweeting in BCM 325.  I did have a twitter account before the course started but it was mainly to retweet cute puppies and funny memes. Now my 158 followers get insight on various sci-fi movies through my live tweeting sessions. I want to be completely honest and say that it is a struggle to watch a movie you have never seen before, research about that movie, live tweet and enjoy the movie. For most of the movies I was confused on what was going on. But in each movie there was always something that stuck with me, whether it was a scene, a meme or a question.

From week 1 to week 6 we watched 6 different movies, I liked some and didn’t like others. The first week was hard as I was new to it all. I posted more about facts than about deeper thinking…

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Peer Review of Pitches

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I reviewed 3 of my classmates’ pitches for their digital artifact. I made comments on their post to give them critical feedback.  I learned how to give feedback that was critical yet did not come off rude or uninterested. The whole experience was good for me. It made me feel a little bit better about my digital artifact because it is broad and other pitches are also broad. The comments that I made were under initial research, I think something that I could improve on is taking a second look at each of their pitches. The approach that I took was that I wanted to give them scholarly resources. I wanted to provide each of them with experts work to read on. I then thought about the DA and thought about questions, and if I had any answers to the questions. My signature was letting them know that if they…

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I will create three videos about the future of sport. The combination of the videos will produce a timeline of the next 2 years to the next 50 years. In between those videos I will do blog posts on WordPress and social media posts on Instagram and Facebook. To reach my audience I will make sure that I prepare a survey and organize many polls. The significance has a sense of unity as to use our imagination to potentially set the groundwork for future generations. Sports is a testing ground where new technologies and strategies are used. Let’s test the limits of our imagination.

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