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The Glossy Project: A DA and Contextual Essay


Finally, I have come to the completion of my DA for #BCM325. I have created an online publication with a number of articles that predict and discuss where the future of the magazine industry is headed. I present: The Glossy Project.

The concept of my project was to address the future of the print media industry, specifically magazines, over the next 5, 10, 20 to 50 years. In my DA, I attempted to forecast the future based on observable patterns and historical trends in magazine publishing, particularly looking at the shift to digital platforms. I chose this topic quite quickly after looking at the question for the assignment all the way back in week 1 of this subject. I decided to choose this topic as I aspire to work in publishing upon the completion of my degree. I am also undertaking an internship at a small local magazine which I…

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Comments and analysis: They’re getting Beta…


Here is a critical analysis of the second round of comments on my peers’ Beta presentations for #BCM325.

Beta 1: Ashleigh – CGI Technology

I first looked at Ashleigh’s Beta presentation about Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology. Ashleigh’s DA will be a series of blog posts on CGI, and she plans to delve into a range of topics involving this technology. I expressed in my comment how it was an area that I was unfamiliar with, so was therefore extremely intrigued by it! While I had limited knowledge of this area, her presentation did prompt me to think of the use of CGI technology to create holograms of famous musicians who have passed away. It raises extremely fascinating ethical and moral issues about the use of this technology, and I thought it would be a possible topic for Ashleigh to look at. While I provided a number of links for…

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Finally gotten Beta at live tweeting…


Yes, I did use another ‘Beta’ pun. I’m not sorry.

I think I have finally gotten my head around live tweeting. For the last few weeks, I have been enjoying participating in the class screenings with engaging tweets, and have put more thought into them than I had beforehand.

Week 8 – I, Robot

In my feedback from the first analysis of my live tweets, limitations were acknowledged in the quantity of tweets. I was encouraged to push for a higher volume of tweets, and prepare beforehand with links and other readings.

Going in to week 8, I attempted to do this by preparing some links beforehand which I tweeted to generate some discussion points. This week I also increased the level of engagement with peers by posing some deep questions about the subject matter of I, Robot. This tweet was highly viewed by other students, with many replies and…

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The Glossy Project: It’s Getting Beta


Beta Presentation:

While the original question addressing the future of the magazine industry remains the same for my BCM325 DA, the concept has evolved into based on feedback from my first pitch into an online magazine called The Glossy Project.

It was clear after receiving initial feedback that I needed to flesh out the specifics of what I actually wanted to explore within this question. Through further research, I have identified key areas of interest to develop in my DA. The future of print media payment models and emergence of the ‘zine’ subculture are among these aspects.

The format of my DA has undergone changes, transitioning from ongoing blog posts to a website in the form of an online magazine, where I will include articles about these topics that predict the future of this industry. Overall, I am really finding myself enjoying exploring this future culture and am excited to…

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Part 2: Pitch comments analysis


For this part of the assessment, I looked at the Digital Artefact pitches of 3 students in my class, and provided comments on their concepts. Here, I will discuss the pitches that I looked at and critically analyse the comments that I made.

The first pitch I looked at was Thriving Twenties by Tahlia.

Tahlia will continue a previous DA of a blog she created called Thriving Twenties, where she will write content for young people on topics that she finds interesting herself. For this subject, she will reconsider this concept in terms of the future. Specifically, Tahlia will look at immersion and the development of AI and attempt to incorporate this into her blog throughout the progress of her DA.

In my comment to Tahlia, I mentioned how I have a keen interest in her topic and how new technologies will transform the digital writing platform due to my…

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Part 1: A critical analysis of live tweeting


Ah, live tweeting, we meet again. This is the second time that I have experienced live tweeting as part of my studies. I am still getting used to the concept, but I have to admit that I am becoming more comfortable with the way that it works. As I continue to practice it, I see why it’s such a common thing for people to do and I find myself enjoying the process. While a classroom full of students watch these films in silence, there is actually an extremely lively, engaging discussion happening about what we are all watching on the Twitter-sphere.

I found that it was challenging to engage with the various science fiction films that were presented to us in class as I am not a big fan of the genre itself, and I hadn’t seen any of them beforehand. When you throw live-tweeting into the mix, I struggled…

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The future of print media | BCM325 Pitch


For the Digital Artefact of BCM325, I want to explore the future of the print media industry, looking at magazines in particular.

I hope to one day work in the editorial and print media world, and am interested to understand where the future of this industry is headed in an increasingly digitised landscape.

My plan is to explore at how the evolving print media industry will change in the next 5, 10 or 20 years time, whether it will still exist or if we will be relying on a solely digital media landscape, and what this will look like.

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