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BCM325 Live Tweeting Pt2

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

This session in BCM325 – Future Cultures, we’ve been doing screenings throughout each seminar. Of which we’ve had to Live tweet with our class in order to communicate effectively with our classmates and discuss the topics at hand.

Over the second part of this session I got a lot more invested into the movies rather than the live tweeting. In the first half of the session I was so focussed on the live tweeting, engagement and interacting with other students that I started to miss important points of each film. In order to stop doing this I would either watch the movie before the screening so that I knew what was going on, or I would engage with the live tweeting in the opening scenes until I couldn’t focus on both things at once and only begun pointing out things that I thought were key points. by doing this I…

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Peer Commentary Pt 2

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

In this round of the peer commentary I remembered where I lacked in the first part of this assessment. I didn’t relate my suggestions to class work, lecture or tutorial materials. This is something I aimed to improve this time round. Whilst also linking to a variety of different ways to improve the BETA in order for my peers to make the most of their DA before handing it in.

  1. Allen’s Blog

When commenting on Allens blog liked the reference to different forms of energy excluding food. For cyborgs as an example, how much food (if any) do they need to consume? Does it have anything to do with the ratio of human:robot they are? After watching the screenings, this was something that was interesting. Although I did explain that this kind of information may be a little hard to research as “cyborgs” as we know in the screenings (like…

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BCM325 – Future Societies BETA

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Continuing on in my BCM325 Digital Artefact I have stumbled into some issues and overcome some problems. One of the main problems ive run into is the production of content. Its a lot more time consuming than I originally thought it would be, although it does get easier the more I do it (by being able to draw on similar ideas).

I have decided that I will write blogs on screenings done within the BCM325 Class in order to minimise time spent watching and analysing films/episodes and maximise productivity. By doing this im able to draw on relevant ideas and put more academic research and lecture material within my DA. By including these screenings in my DA it will allow me to give a more professional and foundation for my DA, giving it credibility and structure.

By week 13 I plan to have at least 7 screenings completed and included…

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Peer Assessment and Critical Analysis

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Since having done our pitches for our Digital Artefacts for BCM325 we’ve been looking into our peers pitches and offering ideas, Scholarly research, journals, articles and any other information we can give on the topic. This essentially gives each project a varying set of eyes each time someone critically analyses each post. By the end of this not only will we have helped three or more students bring their concept to life but also receive assistance when it comes to our own pitches.

Pitch 1: Taylah – The future of the Film Industry

In Taylah’s’ blog you’ll see in the Comment Section, my reflection on her pitch and offering different views and opinions.

On Taylah’s comment, although not knowing much about the film industry (as Im not much of a film person) it was a little more difficult to comment on her post, however I think I took the…

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BCM325 Live Tweeting

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

This session in BCM325 – Future Cultures, we’ve been doing screenings throughout each seminar. Of which we’ve had to Live tweet with our class in order to communicate effectively with our classmates and discuss the topics at hand.

Here you’ll find some of my tweets sorted into weekly sections along with an analysis of the tweets as a whole.

Week 1 – Metropolis

This week was the first week of Live tweeting. I assumed that it would be easy to watch a movie and tweet at the same time. I was severely wrong about this… So much so I tweeted about it

Heres something they don’t tell you: When typing a tweet you need to make sure you’re still paying attention to the film your watching. I missed many pieces…

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Future Technologies Pitch

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

During BCM325 creating a digital artefact that explores the possibilities of the future is something that is something that is both exciting and relevant. technology is evolving, and as it does, we will need to do so with it. This assessment not only lets us explore our ideologies of the future but it also allows us to collaborate other ideas to gain a better perspective.

Brain-chips are something I wish to look into so I found some research on the topic, and Cyber crime is something we will need to consider for the duration of our DA as there can always be implications.


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